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There are dozens of great reasons why Playsafer rubber mulch has become a great alternative to traditional mulches for landscaping projects. Our 100% eco-friendly products are composed of 100% recycled tires. They are the most environmentally responsible choice, protecting your childeren AND your environment. Plus, when you invest in rubber mulch for your landscaping projects, you’re investing in longevity and a host of other benefits which organic mulches can’t offer.

Will not attract weeds or deadly spores.

Will last for at least a decade.

Requires less maintenance compared to organic mulches.

Has the look of organic matter like wood or soil.

Can withstand many seasons and changes in weather conditions.

Comes in colors that complement most plants, grass, and flowers.

Keeps out all wood destroying insects.


Will not rot or decay.

Inhibits growth of mold and fungi which helps reduce or prevent allergies.

Protect the soil from hot summer and cold winter temperatures.

Will not blow away.

Will not float.

Choose from a variety of colors that will best suit your landscape design.

Saves time and money by stopping annual mulching.

Resists rodent infestation.

All our products are proudly made in the USA, and are GSA, ASTM, and IPEMA certified.

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