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top 10 reasons to buy rubber mulch

1. Safest loose fill surfacing

Playsafer RUBBER MULCH has proven to be the absolute safest loose fill surfacing available, offering 41-58% more shock absorbency than wood mulch, gravel and sand.

2. Economical and long-lasting

Playsafer RUBBER MULCH is the most economical and long-lasting choice. Rubber mulch never decomposes or needs replacing-guaranteed for fifty years!

3. Never freezes

Playsafer RUBBER MULCH is completely weather-friendly. It never freezes, and is ready for play all year long!

4. rich color options

Playsafer RUBBER MULCH retains brilliant color for at least a decade, assuring you of the most beautiful playground ever!

5. 100% eco-friendly

Playsafer RUBBER MULCH, composed of 100% recycled tires, is the most environmentally - responsible choice, protecting your children AND your environment.

6. does not harbor bugs

Playsafer RUBBER MULCH never harbors bugs or termites, unlike its wood counterpart.

7. kids love it!

Playsafer RUBBER MULCH is fun! Kids love rolling and playing in this soft, springy jumping heaven!

8. stronger than wood

Playsafer RUBBER MULCH is heavier than wood mulch, and will not float away in storms.

9. weather resistant

Playsafer RUBBER MULCH is rain-proof - it does not retain moisture, slipperiness or dirt. Always dry and ready to play almost immediately after even the heaviest rain.

10. chosen by the white house

Playsafer RUBBER MULCH was handpicked by First Lady Michelle Obama for the White House playground, due to Rubberecycle's stellar reputation for superior safety, quality, and service. Rubberecycle has become a permanent American installation.