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Safety Guide - Rubber Mulch Safety

There is an important reason why Rubber Mulch is IPEMA-certified - it has passed new safety standards for playground loose rubber surfacing. Some people might think it’s all just a lot of fancy acronyms attached to a recycled rubber product, but there are serious dangers involved with purchasing unsafe and untested rubber mulch (usually sold by third party vendors).

They don’t meet proper safety standards

ASTM F1292 and ASTM F3012 set standards on loose-fill cushioning in order to minimize playground-related accidents. Bear in mind that it is your children who are the focus of these updated safety standards. Substandard rubber mulch products that do not meet these regulations could cause serious injury to your children.

They can pose health risks

ASTM F3012 details specifications on loose-fill rubber surfacing, specifically particle distribution, and the amount of hazardous metal, tramp metal, sharp metal, and lead content. Purchasing untested and uncertified rubber mulch means gambling your children’s health and well-being. They could ingest toxic chemicals from the rubber mulch, injure themselves on unremoved steel parts, or worse...not have the loose-fill surfacing sufficiently cushion them when they fall.

They do not come with a warranty

Being a pioneer of the rubber mulch industry means we’ve had enough time to perfect our products since we established our company in 1997. We are confident about standing 100% behind our mulch, which is why they come with a warranty you can count on. Other untested rubber mulch products typically do not come with a warranty, simply because their manufacturers aren’t too confident about their own quality.

To further understand these dangers and how Rubber Mulch deals with them, click on the video below.

Rubber Mulch must be carefully processed to create the perfectplayground product for safety and for your garden’s health. Here are the steps we take with our Playsafer Rubber Mulch to create our industry-leading mulch, as well as ensuring that playgrounds are a safe place for our children.

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What to look for:

IPEMA is a third party playground safety organization who audits and certifies playground safety. Many rubber mulch companies have their ASTM F1292 badge which certifies them as safe fall protection standards.

Recently IPEMA released new safety ASTM guidelines called F3012 which no longer only fall protection but also tests for toxicity, lead content, particle distribution, tramp metal content, sharp wire content.

When you are looking to purchase rubber mulch, make sure they are F3012 certified.

Area of Basic Shapes

Area of a Square or Rectangle:

Formula: Area = Length x Width
Length = 20'
Width = 10'
Area = 10 x 20
Area = 200 sq. ft.

Area of a Right Triangle

Formula: Area = 1/2 (base x height)
Base= 10'
Height = 10"
Area= 1/2 x (10 x 10)
Area = 50 sq. ft.

Area of a Circle:

Formula: Area = π r² (pi x radius squared)
π= 3.141
r = 10'

Area= 3.141 x 10 x 10
Area = 314.1 sq. ft.

Area of an Irregular Shape


Section the irregular area into basic shapes. Calculate the area of each basic shape and add the areas for each together.
Rectangle: 50' by 40'
    Area = 50 x 40 = 2,000 sq.ft.
Circle: radius = 41 '
    Area = 3.14 x 41 x 41 = 5,278 sq.ft.
Triangle A = 20' by 20'
     Area = 1/2 x (39 x 5) = 200 sq.ft.
Triangle B = 10' by 39'
     Area = 1/2 x (39 x 5) = 97.5 sq.ft.
Total Area = 7,575.5 sq.ft.