5 Best YouTube Videos on Playground Safety

August 03, 2015


Anyone can make a YouTube video these days. The really memorable ones, though, are those that give nuggets of useful information in an appealing presentation. When it comes to playground safety, these five YouTube videos offer education and entertainment in smart doses.


“Be Safe, Mates!”


The message of this Australian-made video can be summed up in its opening line: “Any environment, no matter how friendly, can have its dangers.” The host, along with his young companion Max, present playground safety as if they’re at a safari (they refer to kids as “freckle-faced dirt-diggers”). The video offers up a menu of practical playground tips like detecting splinters in wooden equipment and scouting the floor for objects that can harm. Rich in Aussie-flavored humor, this video nevertheless packs a lot of educational wallop.  


Play By the Rules: Positive Playground Behavior


Presented by IRIS Educational Media, Ms Fernandez a playground supervisor lays out the rules and expectations in their school playground via this short video clip. Some kids help her explain the 3-B's of positive behavior support: Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful. Beyond playground safety, this video advocates good manners even while having fun.   


Simple Playground Safety Tips


In just half a minute, this feature from the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota manages to provide three playground safety tips. Presented by a trauma services physician assistant, the video expresses the wish to make safe simple.


Play It Safe as Illustrated by Richard Scarry


Beloved children’s book illustrator Richard Scarry lends his creativity to this classic animated feature on playground safety. Clocking at a little over a minute, the video features cute cartoon animals demonstrating several safety tips to a catchy song. Lines like “When we’re climbing up the ladder, we wait our turn” and “Sit down, feet first, and we’ll be zipping down the slide” will have kids take these safety tips to heart.  


Mickey’s Safety Club


A classic 16mm film print makes it to our list of playground safety video faves. In this clip, Mickey Mouse meets up with Huey, Dewey, and Louie. The three ducklings want to have fun in the playground right away, but Mickey wants to make sure everyone knows the safe way to have fun. The result is vintage entertainment that is high on practical playground safety education, including always having a grown-up around (“Aunt” Daisy Duck makes an appearance), wearing appropriate clothing (Louie had to remove his scarf and sunglasses), and checking playground equipment before using them.

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