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Rubber Mulch Blog

Hurricane Harvey Proves Rubber Mulch is Truly Weather Resistant

September 28, 2017

Hurricane Harvey has come and gone. In its destructive wake are millions of dollars worth of damages in affected areas - including uprooted trees, deroofed houses, submerged plantations, and even entire homes washed off from foundations. It is now considered the third most expensive tropical cyclone in US history. One thing that may not have been as badly affected is rubber mulch. Read More
Great Gardening Hacks From Pinterest

June 29, 2017

Pinterest is the social media platform that presents inspiration in a visual way. It’s easy to “pin” stuff that catches your fancy and use them as reference later on (while “defining” who you are to your followers). Surprisingly, there are lots of useful and practical info presented in a pegboard manner which you can apply to everyday life - even gardening! Here are a few of our favorites that actually work wonderfully well. Read More