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Basic training is tough. Training Rubber Mulch is even tougher.

Military and police training calls for serious protective measures. Formulated from 100% recycled tires, Training Rubber Mulch is the safety surfacing of choice for military and police obstacle courses, ropes courses, and combat training pits.

Rubberecycle’s Training Rubber Mulch has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of injury associated with falls. If fact it has been safety rated for falls of up to 16′.

Number one in shock absorbency, our training mulch is clean, non-toxic, durable and skid-proof.

Designed to stand up to the most rigorous military training, our Training Rubber Mulch is a cost-effective solution for all of your training needs.

Training Rubber Mulch is one of the most effective materials for a shooting range backstop because it safely absorbs bullets and eliminates ricochets.