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How to Maintain Rubber Mulch

August 14, 2015

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In comparison to wood or any type of mulch, Rubber Mulch actually does not need that much maintenance. It is actually very durable and virtually effortless to take care of since it is made of recycled tires that can retain its color and integrity even if it is constantly exposed to the elements. With proper installation and care, rubber mulch can look as good as new for as long as 20 years. But like any other product, taking good care of your rubber mulch will help in preserving its durability, and may even make it last longer than the expected length of time before you have to replace them completely. Since rubber mulch is low maintenance, it follows that taking care of it is quite easy. If you follow these tips, your rubber mulch will remain in good condition, and you’ll be enjoying its many benefits for a long time.


  1. Weed Barriers

Proper care starts with proper installation. Ideally, your rubber mulch should be laid over a weed barrier. This fabric will allow water and nutrients to penetrate but at the same time will discourage weed growth so that you won’t have that many weeds to take out from your rubber mulch or the plants it surrounds.

  1. Cleaning

There are two ways by which you can clean your rubber mulch, one is to use a leaf blower to clean out leaves or debris from your mulch. But if you are looking for a more thorough clean, we suggest washing your mulch.  Sprinkle environment-friendly soap on the mulch covered area and spray with a hose. It’s quick, easy and effective!

  1. Raking

Raking your rubber mulch produces several benefits. Raking your mulch away from the plants when you are trimming or pruning will prevent any debris from getting in the mulch which can accumulate overtime. Another benefit of raking periodically is that raking  ensures that the mulch stays uniformly spread out through the area and that the exposed parts of some mulch are turned over. When the underexposed parts are revealed, the mulch will look newer overall.