5 Life Hacks for Reusing Old Tires

August 25, 2015


Most of us are saddled with old tires but do not have the capacity of a rubber mulch facility for large-scale recycling. It’s a good thing that there are smart, doable, and fun life hacks that can breathe new life into old tires.

Tree swings

Repurposing old tires into tree swings has been a practice since our grandparents were kids. Continue this legacy with your own kids by hooking up an old (but still sturdy) tire with rope or metal chains onto a tree branch for hours of DIY playground fun. Go ahead and add a sculptural element if you’re feeling particularly creative!

Rubber playground animals

Unleash your inner sculptor with a rubber animal menagerie meant for your kids’ playground. You can create elephant, giraffe, alligator, snake, and other animal-shaped obstacle courses and rides with just a few simple tools and lots of imagination. And if you want some unique yet inexpensive garden ornaments, you can also shape old tires into flamingos and swans.

Industrial-inspired furniture

Ever wanted a rustic-looking or industrial-inspired ottoman but couldn’t afford one? With old tires, you can go crazy with the DIY interior decorating. You can make it as basic or as stylized as you prefer. From coffee tables, stools, ottomans, through to stacked armchairs, there are many possibilities in re purposing discarded tires into useful and attractive furniture pieces.

Durable plant pots and planters

Take a leaf off (pun intended) rubber mulch for gardens and create pots and planters from old rubber tires. You can shape them into fun objects like giant tea cups, birds, and other Wonderland-inspired things. As an added bonus, the rubber will keep insects away from your precious plants.

New(ish) soles for old shoes

Because of their deep treads resulting in reliable traction, rubber tires make perfect soles. If you have a pair of shoes that need to be re-soled, consider getting old tires for them. They will last longer, and you won’t have to worry about slipping or sliding even on wet surfaces. 

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