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Rubber Mulch for Flower Beds and Landscaping

October 08, 2015

rubber mulch in landscape with large rock


Gardening, like plants and flowers, adjusts to changing seasons, technology, and conditions. When rubber mulch was first introduced to the market, it was expectedly met with doubt and skepticism. Many thought something inorganic had no place in an environment of green, growing things.


The main purpose and process of rubber mulch is to recycle and re-purpose unwanted and discarded objects. Beyond this huge advantage of using rubber mulch for gardening and landscaping, there are other pros that need to be highlighted, too.


It saves time and money


Sure, it may cost more compared to traditional mulches at first. However, the longevity, durability, and low maintenance qualities of rubber mulch more than make up for the initial expense, saving you time and money in the long run. Whereas organic mulches require annual replacement and constant upkeep to keep them in tip-top shape, rubber mulch only needs occasional raking and can last for up to ten years without fading and decomposing.


It prevents weeds and keeps insects away


With gardening mulches like wood chips or bark, there’s always the threat of termites and other insects wreaking havoc on your plants (and worse, the wooden parts of your home!). Rubber mulch discourages insect infestation, as well as weeds and fungi which can all do harm to leaves, roots, buds, fruit, flowers, and even the soil.


It improves soil moisture retention


Since rubber does not absorb water itself, all the water and nutrients, including the fertilizer you put in, goes directly to the soil and into the plant’s roots. No water or fertilizer is wasted. With rubber mulch in your garden, you will have lush, well-watered plants all-year round.


It stays in place


One of the biggest benefits of rubber mulch for your garden is that it doesn’t float or get blown away in moderate winds. It is denser than wood or straw, yet lightweight enough so that it is compact and will not smother roots and delicate sapling.


It looks good for longer


For landscaping purposes, you can choose a myriad of organic-inspired or even brightly colored rubber mulch to create visual impact and curb appeal. From natural-looking browns, greys, and greens, to cheery reds, yellows, and other hues, you can rest assured that your rubber mulch won’t fade in the sun or get colors washed away by rain. In stark contrast, traditional mulches show wear and tear in a shorter time.