Quick, Easy and Affordable Gardening Tips

November 11, 2015



*Clean up existing plant beds by removing weeds and overgrown plants.

*Prune shrubs- be careful that they don't look unnatural in a ball or square shape.

*Trim tree branches that hang too low and create hazards


*Create a welcoming entrance with one or two big pots filled with colorful plants

*Make a significant impact on your landscape with a few 5-gallon trees for about $35 each, if you plan to stay in your home for at least five

*Buy seeds, such as a mix of wildflowers, and cover much more ground than $100 worth of plants


*Install Rubber Mulch to prevent weeds, retain moisture and keep your landscaping looking fresh for 20 years!

*Invest in a couple of great architectural pots that make a statement at your entrance. Add rounded boxwoods or a seasonal planting of ornamental grasses and colorful annuals.

*Add a bench or garment ornament, such as a trellis or birdbath, to a key spot or a nice mailbox and with some plantings at the base

*Spruce up your foundation plantings with a border of long-blooming perennials.

*Pay someone to professionally prune or selectively remove (and replace) overgrown shrubs


*Make your garden party-ready with a teak 3-pc outdoor bar

*Buy an inflatable hot tub spa for the outdoors

*Invest in a pergola tent for garden parties

*Secure your garden with a custom/ornamental iron gate

*Purchase an efficient large hose with hitching post


*If you have enough space, update your garden with an outdoor wooden dining set or a set of granite table and stools

*Light up your garden with aluminum wall lanterns/motion detectors

*For expansive gardens, buy a mechanical grass catcher for efficient maintenance

*Give your garden that classic feel with decorative/sculpted/Greek-inspired statues

*Invest in a water fountain pool

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