3 Tips to Help Your Plants Survive the Winter

December 08, 2015

plants with snow on them


The cold season is upon us, and people aren’t the only ones in need of proper winter preparation and gear. Even the plants in your garden need to get ready for chilly weather so they can get a fighting chance to thrive come spring.

Your plants will be “asleep” for quite a while. With temperatures dropping, icy winds, and lots of moisture from snow and rain, they will need all the help they can get to survive winter. Here’s how to take care of them the right way.

Weed away

Weeding before mulching is an important gardening activity no matter what season it may be. Perennial weeds like dandelions will not choose a warm day to wreak havoc on your plants - they can do so even in extreme cold. Make sure to weed thoroughly before applying mulch to protect your plants.

Get rid of diseased plants

You also need to rid your garden of diseased or dying plants so as not to affect the healthy ones. Inspect evergreen plants and shrubs thoroughly for diseased parts, and prune and discard as needed. If you’ve been using organic mulch prior to the winter season, inspect it closely for disease, rodents, and weed spores, too. Rake these away thoroughly and add water and fertilizer before re-applying mulch.

Tuck your plants in

In reality, while all may appear dormant in your garden during the winter, there is still actually a lot of activity going on before the soil freezes. Roots will continue to absorb nutrients and moisture in the soil, so you should make sure that the soil’s temperature remains even throughout winter.

As you would to a child on a chilly night, your garden needs to be covered with a thick blanket of protective mulch to keep plants from freezing. Rubber mulch is particularly good at insulating soil and roots from the cold while making sure all nutrients and moisture go straight to them.





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