How Often Does Rubber Mulch Need Replacing?

December 15, 2015

how often do you need to replace rubber mulch

The short and fast answer to this question is “not often”. However, to fully appreciate what rubber mulch can do for your gardening or landscaping, it’s important to first expound on the reasons why rubber mulch doesn’t need constant replacing.

No need to worry about mulch rot and weeds

One of the main reasons for regularly topping up or replacing organic mulch is that it decomposes. While the decaying process provides nutrients to your garden soil and plants, it also can attract weeds, insects, and rodents. Rubber mulch does the job of effectively insulating your plants while keeping these things at bay so you won’t have to spend a lot of time doing the same. Basically, when you invest in rubber mulch, you are also investing in the peace of mind that your plants are being protected from things that can harm or kill them.


Virtually indestructible

Because they are made from 100% recycled vulcanized rubber tires, rubber mulch will not succumb to the elements as easily as wood chips, grass, hay, and other organic mulching materials. Eventually, rubber will break down, but not within a year, or two, or three, it is guaranteed to last over 20 years. You can rest assured that your hardy new mulch will withstand many seasons without becoming displaced or dislodged by wind or rain.

Requires less maintenance

Whether you invested in rubber mulch primarily for aesthetic reasons or you recognize its practical benefits, you’re nevertheless getting your money’s worth for far longer. To keep your rubber infill smooth, occasional raking is all that’s required of you. Aside from staying put come rain or come shine, most rubber mulch products have a colorfast guarantee. This is great news for landscaping projects that require pops of color and texture for many years.

Can last for a decade

Now we’ve come to the answer to the question: “how often does rubber mulch need replacing?” Reputable rubber mulch manufacturers who are confident that their products will last a decade actually offer a guarantee with each purchase. While other mulches are typically replaced annually, rubber mulch can be counted on to do its job in your garden for ten to 12 years. This key benefit to investing in rubber mulch outweighs its other benefits, especially if you are worrying about the high cost of gardening materials and maintenance.


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