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Rubber Mulch Colors: Black Landscape Rubber Mulch

February 05, 2016


colored rubber mulch collage


Bold and Basic: Black Landscape Rubber Mulch


This basic benefits of rubber mulch are somehow best translated into its default color:  Black (Dyed-Solid) Landscape Rubber Mulch. It does its job at providing insulation, protection from pests and weeds, requiring less maintenance compared to organic mulches, and keeping your landscaping neat. At the same time, its no-nonsense tone reminds you that you pitched in to keep landfills from becoming overrun with used and unwanted tires while reaping all the advantages rubber mulch has to offer.

Resembles fertile black soil

Chernozem is natural black soil with a high percentage of humus, phosphorus, and ammonia. Commonly found in Eastern Europe, it is valued for its fertility and capacity to produce a high agricultural yield.

Unfortunately, it is harder to source in the United States. But if you want to introduce the look of chernozem in your landscaping project, then black rubber mulch is your friend. Shredded into a mixture of 3/8"-3/4" rubber granules and chunks, it  mimics the texture and color of chernozem, and gives the impression of fertility while doing its job of protecting your plants.  


The benefits of using rubber mulch for landscaping include protection from pests. Unlike wood chips, straw, sand, or grass clippings, you won’t have to worry about your rubber infill harboring rodents, termites, and other insects. It simply functions as a good infill should without muss or fuss.

Stands up to extreme weather conditions

Just like those tire commercials that tout how tough and durable their products are, these tire derivatives boast the same for your landscaping. Extreme wind and heavy rainfall notwithstanding, your black rubber mulch will keep its color for over a decade. It also won’t get dislodged in high winds or heavy rains, decompose, or compress - so all the maintenance it needs is a bit of raking every now and then.

House with rubber mulch - black

Won’t fade, crack, or bleed color

Thanks to Rubber Mulch’s 12-year color guarantee, your landscaping can remain thriving without losing its visual appeal for many years. Unlike ordinary loose infill which require top-ups, high maintenance, or total replacement every year, rubber mulch will be almost like the day you first bought it.

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