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Rubber Mulch Colors: Red Rubber Mulch

red landscape rubber mulch

Spice Up Your Landscape With Red Rubber Mulch

Red is a stop-in-your-tracks color, and if you want your landscaping project to be a head-turner, Red Landscape Rubber Mulch is your best bet. Not only does it offer a visual upgrade for your home’s exterior, it also comes with a lot of benefits for your gardening activities.

Mimics the color of red clay soil


Real red clay soil is rich in minerals, which is why thriving forests are usually growing on and around it. However, red clay soil requires a bit of upkeep and effort for gardening in an urban setting. Regular application of calcium and fertilizer is required to till red clay and allow plants to thrive on it.

With Red Landscape rubber mulch, you can have the beauty of rich red clay soil minus the strain of dealing with its various eccentricities. As an added bonus, its vibrant color brings out the freshness of green leaves, blooms, and fruit.

Red rubber mulch landscape design

Echoes the texture of real soil


It isn’t real topsoil, but nobody can really tell. Rubber Mulch provides a mixture of 3/8"-3/4" rubber granules and chunks so it looks and feels like real soil. The major difference is that it won’t decompose or compress like the real thing even in constant exposure to the elements. So basically, you’re getting the natural good looks of quality topsoil minus its drawbacks.

Virtually maintenance-free


As previously mentioned, rubber mulch doesn’t need or require the same upkeep as regular soil or organic mulches. Because of its sufficient weight, wind or water won’t dislodge it. Occasional raking is all you’ll need to do to make your red-covered landscaping beautiful and neat. It keeps dry even after the heaviest rain, and you won’t have to worry about slipping on icy mulch when it snows - it simply doesn’t absorb water and cannot be frozen.  

Color will remain vibrant for over a decade


Thanks to Rubber Mulch’s 12-year color guarantee, the richness and vibrancy of your red rubber mulch won’t fade any time soon - come rain or come shine.

Red rubber mulch has become a customer favorite, with such positive feedback as “Spreads easily. Would order again next time I need rubber mulch” and “This is best rubber mulch I have seen”. With its benefits and beauty, you will be hard-pressed to find a better alternative for your own landscaping or gardening project.

Alan Weiman
Alan Weiman