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Rubber Mulch Colors - Cocoa Brown

February 29, 2016

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Cocoa Brown: A Rustic Color Choice from Rubber Mulch

Landscaping with rubber mulch not only provides an opportunity to rainproof and bug-proof your yard - it can also help you achieve the natural look of a real garden using the versatility of a rubber mulch color palette.

You may already have the flowers, plants, trees, and decorative touches planned for your landscaping project, but as with all gardens, everything starts with soil. Rubber Mulch’s Cocoa Brown Landscape mulch is a great choice for this.

Looks natural

Rubber Mulch took great pains to mimic the natural look and texture of soil for your landscaping and garden projects. The rich, fertile color of Cocoa Brown will complement the green leaves and the vibrant colors of many kinds of flowers and fruit. What’s more, the size of nuggets is a mixture of 3/8-¾ inch rubber granules and chunks - pretty much like the texture of actual garden soil!  

brown mulch


Durable, safe, and convenient

With proper application and care, your rubber mulch can last for over a decade. A state of the art magnetic system guarantees 99.9% steel-free infill. Rubber mulch comes prepared in convenient 40-pound bags so it’s ready to use without the usual hassle that comes with organic mulches.


Unlike real soil or organic loose fill, rubber mulch will not turn into mud or make a sticky, slimy mess during wet seasons. It also doesn’t retain moisture, so you won’t have to worry about slipping on frozen mulch in snow or rain. During dry weather, it will not become dusty or grimy. And because of its substantial weight, rubber mulch won’t get blown away by wind or get dislodged in storms. It’s practically a hassle-free option!

And if that’s not enough...

12-year color guarantee

The colorfast system of Rubber Mulch guarantees at least 12 years of vibrant color without fading or bleeding. So yes, bring on the rain, sleet, snow, and heat - it won’t affect the earthy tone of your Cocoa Brown landscape mulch no matter what time of the year it is.

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