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Eco Friendly Gardening

Earth Day is drawing near, and celebrating it can be as simple as going outside and caring for your own garden. Rubber Mulch wants to help you get started, so the company created an infographic loaded with practical, doable tips to do so.

The infographic is called Ten Ways You Can Help Save the Planet While Caring For Your Garden. It emphasizes the three R’s of positive environmental change: reduce, reuse, and recycle. These 3 R’s are further explained in the ten gardening activities described in detail. For instance, common kitchen refuse such as coffee grounds, eggshells, and cornmeal can be utilized for pest control, composting, and as organic weed deterrent. Readily-available hygiene and grooming tools like soap, epsom salts, and petroleum jelly can keep away pests, discourage the presence of slugs and snails, and act as fertilizer to yield more produce and blooms. There’s also a tip on letting some friendly bugs stay and lend a helping hand (or mandible!) to keep aphids at bay.

Of course, recycling is mentioned several times in the infographic. Aside from reusing plastic bottles and containers, you can collect rainwater to use for irrigation and as a viable solution to the drought dilemma. The infographic also encourages the use of long-term and sustainable gardening solutions, like using rubber mulch. It’s a practical recycling product from discarded rubber tires, and requires very little upkeep while providing protection for your garden.

Happy Earth Day!

Eco friendly gardening infographic


Alan Weiman
Alan Weiman