Achieving a Summer Garden With Rubber Mulch

May 04, 2018

Spring has sprung, but it isn’t too early to summon the colors of summer using...rubber mulch? Many homeowners and gardening enthusiasts are used to traditional mulching materials like soil, leaves, and rocks. Rubber mulch, however, offers some unique benefits that are guaranteed to result in a sunnier garden.

Rubber Mulch Colors that lasts season after season

Whether it’s a more natural “earthy” tone you want to achieve or something brighter and more colorful, rubber mulch can help your garden look vibrant for many summers. The colors can last for up to a decade without fading, come rain or shine.


colored rubber mulch


This is why rubber mulch is ideal for landscaping projects, flower borders, and even playground surfacing - it looks good, and it will look good for a long, long time!

Pest-free maintenance

Getting rid of garden pests in the sweltering heat does not contribute to a good summer experience - there’s just really a lot more fun things to do in the sun instead of that.

The good news about using rubber mulch is it keeps away pests that are typically associated with organic mulches like soil, leaves, hay, or wood chips. You won’t have to worry about a sudden termite, rodent, or bug invasion because there’s nothing in the rubber mulch that the little critters can find appealing to turn into food or shelter.  

Sufficient drainage minus the weeds and fungi

A good mulch provides good drainage so that no weeds, mold, or fungi will take over your garden and ruin it. Rubber mulch does that and more so there’s less summer garden maintenance to do. The rubber pieces provide a good barrier against weeds to germinate and artillery fungi to spore, but lets sufficient water go through the layer of mulch and stay locked in the soil and roots.

And because they don’t decay, rubber mulch pieces won’t give off that sour smell associated with rotting leaves and other organic mulching materials.



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