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Can Rubber Mulch Be The New Rock Garden?

March 08, 2019

rock garden


Rock gardens endure no matter what season or geographic location is involved. They can be found in Asia, Europe, and just about anywhere that there are boulders, stones, and all manner of rocks to be arranged. They can be created in public spaces and private gardens for people to visit and appreciate. Rock gardens are a welcome sight in tropical climate, and even in colder conditions. It’s safe to say that the rock garden is here to stay both as a practical and an ornamental option.

There is a new contender for a perennial garden in these times, though. Rubber mulch is fast proving itself to be worthy of landscaping greatness. With so many home and business owners opting for this hardy and practical alternative, it only makes sense to give it a whirl as far as garden features are concerned. Below are some of the best reasons to give rubber mulch a try when it comes to landscaping alternatives.

It will stay put, come rain or come shine

Drought, monsoon, heavy snow, and other extreme weather conditions often result in dislodged pebbles and small stones. Some might argue that the weather plays a big part in a rock garden’s appearance - heavy winds making “waves” in the sand, rain drops forming an instant waterfall, or a capelet of snow making everything look serene and still. But those who prefer to have their outdoor features consistent and unmovable - plus with minimal maintenance! - can try rubber mulch as a new material. It will not be dislodged by rain, sleet, or snow and will remain in place for years without fear of sinking right into the soil below.   

It has versatile and durable colors

Rubber mulch comes in a variety of colors for any aesthetic preference. What’s more, these colors will stay for up to a decade without fading - no matter how intense the sun may be, or how heavy a storm or snow day might come to visit your garden at any time of the year.

red rubber mulch  Green rubber mulch blue rubbermulch black unpainted rubber mulch brown rubbermulch 

It will cushion falls

One of the main reasons why rock gardens are so popular is because they invite meditation and calmness. However, the reality of having hard edges and slippery surfaces during and after rainy weather cannot be ignored (calmness is usually not a result of being in a constant fear of slipping or falling!). This will hardly be the case with a rubber mulch landscaping. The water goes through the rubber mulch surface so it remains dry, walkable, and essentially slip-proof.