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Five Ways Rubber Mulch Can Improve Playtime

Five Ways Rubber Mulch Can Improve Playtime

September 09, 2019

Kids will be kids, especially on the playground. Running, jumping, skipping, sliding down, swinging up high, laughing, and having fun are all part of the play menu. Injuries and getting hurt should not be a part of it, but history has shown that, unfortunately, accidents do happen on the playground. 

Rubber mulch has contributed more than enough benefits to help prevent and minimize playground-related injuries and accidents. There are other pros that contribute to the quality of kids’ playtime, as illustrated by the five points below.  

Worry-free protection from injuries

Knowing that they won’t get their hands or knees scraped, their heads hit, and other body parts wounded allows kids to fully enjoy all manner of play activities. The shock-absorbing quality of rubber mulch (if installed correctly) will provide the proper critical fall height requirement in playgrounds. In turn, both kids and their parents can rest assured that the playground is a place that is really meant for fun, worry-free, and enjoyable play.

Won’t become compacted over time (or weather conditions)

Playgrounds using traditional mulches like wood chips, asphalt, sand, small stones, or concrete are a dime a dozen. Some play areas are even built on bare soil and grass. The problem with these materials is that they are greatly affected by weather conditions. Over time, rain can compact grass, sand, and soil, making the surface slippery, uneven, and dangerous. Moss can grow on concrete and asphalt, while wood chips are not moisture-resistant. Rubber mulch doesn’t retain moisture so it’s practically slip-proof and will not get compacted. It also won’t break down and rot to create uneven surfaces, unlike other organic mulches.

Soft, springy, safe

Kids will love the springiness that rubber mulch provides because it will enhance their jumping, hopping, and skipping activities. The inherent softness of rubber provides not just safety for falls, but also a springy layer of protection that enhances kids’ play while protecting their delicate ankles, feet, and legs.

Won’t attract dangerous pests

Kids and their parents don’t care for bugs at home - why should they have the same problem in the playground? Most traditional mulches attract insects and other pests because these materials are considered either food sources or shelter material for the pesky creatures. Wood chips will attract termites, ants and weevils can live in grass or soil, and even mice can find their way into straw mulches. Rubber mulch won’t attract these critters because they do not provide anything of value to them. And since it filters moisture very well, you can rest assured that there won’t be wet puddles for mosquitoes to breed in, so kids don’t get bitten while they are out playing.

Comes in fun colors

Gone are the days of dull, monochromatic playgrounds done over concrete or asphalt. Rubber mulch has provided a fun, colorful alternative for children with brightly-hued selections that will withstand time and changing weather conditions. The bright colors add to the enjoyment and imagination of play and will do so for over a decade given proper care. 


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