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Fun Rubber Mulch Halloween Projects

Fun Rubber Mulch Halloween Projects

October 28, 2019

We’re nearing the spookiest time of the year, so it’s time to decorate your surroundings with the scariest creations to thrill the young (and young at heart). Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. Some of the best and most creative Halloween decorations are those made from recycled or repurposed materials often lying around the house, garage, or storage areas. 

So if you have some leftover rubber mulch or rubber tiles to spare, why not take on some scary and fun projects to spice up your Halloween? 

Rubber Mulch “Graveyard”

Since it’s a Halloween favorite, go ahead and create your own small graveyard or cemetery from rubber mulch and rubber tiles. It could be on your front or backyard or wherever there is enough of an audience to scare! 

All it would take is some landscape rubber mulch in cocoa or black rubber surrounding a piece of rubber tile to suggest a headstone. Stencil some spooky words like Rest In Peace or your favorite Halloween images, or glue dripping wax candles (make sure they are and will remain, unlit) all around the “tombstone”. You can also add tufts of leftover synthetic turf for a more realistic look and feel!

Gigantic Spiders

Spiders have always been part and parcel of Halloween decorating schemes - especially those that are huge and lethal-looking! With a black trash bag and some rubber mulch, you can come up with a gigantic spider by stuffing the bag and shaping it to come up with the segmented sections of a black widow spider. Use pieces of red rubber mulch to glue the spider’s eyes and markings on the back, and some black flexible rubber borders to shape into legs. Hang the spider onto a tree or at the side of your front door. You can bet that the result is going to be something creepy and crawly!

Haunted Garden Pathway

If you already have a rubber mulch pathway, Halloween is the chance to enhance it with ghoulish touches. You won’t need to spend any money on new decor to achieve this. Simply turn to your pantry or recycling bin for some white plastic milk jugs you can cut into ghostly shapes. Add details like eyes and a ghoulish leer with a marker or a pair of scissors. If your pathways have solar or LED lighting lining them, you can place the “ghosts” to cover them and they will light up the way with a creepy, eerie presence!

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