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Great Gains of Green Rubber Mulch

man sitting on his lawn in green rubber mulch

In color psychology, green encourages serenity, making it the color of choice for many nursing homes and hospitals. It only makes sense to have this color in your home, as well - be it in a garden or added as interior decorative touches.

The good news is that, even if you don’t have enough space for a full garden, Green Playsafer rubber mulch offers a sustainable solution that comes with its own unique set of aesthetic and practical advantages.

green rubber mulch

Relaxation, tranquility, and safety

Optometrists recommend overworked people to stare at something green to give their tired eyes a rest. The color green also provides a tranquil backdrop to any outdoor area. If your home cannot accommodate even a small lawn for outdoor rest and recreation, a patch of green rubber mulch bordered by potted plants would be the next best thing.

Green Playsafer rubber mulch can do the same for kids in the playground, as well as for the adults who are watching over them. Parents, in particular, will be glad to know that this product is ASTM F-3012 certified, meaning it passed tests and meets safety standards set for loose-fill rubber surfacing for playgrounds.


ASTM F3012
Like a green, growing garden...minus the problems

Rubber mulch, unlike real grass and leaves, will not attract insects and other pests. It also doesn’t require the kind of high maintenance and upkeep a lawn does, such as mowing, leaf-blowing, re-sodding, and constant weeding. In fact, a bit of raking every now and then is all you’ll be doing once you apply mulch over your garden. You’ll also be enjoying the benefits of weather-friendly surfacing material that keeps weeds away and optimizes the job of fertilizer and water to your plants.


green garden with a bridge and trees
Refreshing color will retain its freshness for over a decade

The soothing and refreshing hue of Green Playsafer rubber mulch will maintain its freshness long after grass, leaves, and hedges lose theirs. It  features a 12-year guarantee, which means the color won’t fade under the sun, or wash off during rainy and snow weather. Your family can enjoy its springy, all-season softness and freshness, every day of the year.

Alan Weiman
Alan Weiman