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Rubber Playground Tiles installation

How Easy Is It To Install Rubber Playground Tiles?

July 15, 2019

Rubber playground tiles are so versatile that you can find them practically everywhere that needs sufficient safe ground coverage - whether it’s indoors or outdoors. They are ideal not just for playgrounds, but also for paths and walkways where both elderly people and toddlers frequent. Rubber tiles offer the kind of traction and cushioning that can protect anyone from a fall, plus they are hassle-free to clean up and maintain. But how easy is it to install playground rubber tiles? Let’s take a closer look. 

Prepare the surface

Ensure that the surface that will be covered with rubber tiles is clean, even, and free of debris. Sweep, rake, smoothen, or install a fabric weed barrier as needed.  

Get all the materials ready

Gather your interlocking playground tiles, making sure each one is in good condition. These come with plastic pins to insert into the connecting holes, so get those ready, as well. Having a rubber mallet will also help speed up the installation process.

Align the tiles

Lay the rubber tiles on the desired surface, waffle-side down, and with the interlocking edges and connecting holes properly aligned with the next tile.

Insert the pins

Place the plastic connector pin halfway into the tile’s holes. 

Press the tiles together

Push the tiles together firmly until the connector holes and protruding pins are aligned.

Lock the tiles together

Use a rubber mallet to tamp the playground rubber tiles in place until each one is locked firmly together.

Repeat until the entire surface is sufficiently covered

Do the same steps to all the tiles until the desired area is adequately covered. Inspect and make sure the tiles are laid out smoothly and evenly, with no protruding edges or pins to prevent tripping. You can add your preferred borders and edging materials to give the area a more finished look.


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