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How to Keep Your Child Safer in the Playground

How to Keep Your Child Safer in the Playground

January 23, 2020

How to Keep Your Child Safer in the Playground
Rubber Mulching Surfaces, Durable Equipment and More...

It’s amazing how much your child can benefit from being let loose in a playground where the opportunity to exercise, interact with others and use imagination to the fullest invites healthy physical, mental and social development.

But you’re a responsible parent. You want to provide your child with a playground environment that promotes all of that through a safe, fun activity

That’s why it’s so important to choose the play areas with a higher level of safety consciousness. 

Here are some related things to keep in mind. 

5 Essential Playground Safety Tips

  1. Thwart fall-risk injury
    Locate a playground that maximizes shock absorption with a full surface covering of rubber mulching. Studies actually indicate recycled rubber as the best choice for safe- playground surfacing, possibly, with less harmful contaminants and pollutants even than natural soil and grass.

  2. Prevent equipment-related harm
    Find an area where play equipment is made with up-to-date safety design and quality materials. Check for rust, and loose or missing screws or bolts.

  3. Meet Your Needs
    Go to an area that complements your child’s needs, age and height constraints. If he’s more active, find somewhere with varied equipment that fits the adventurous type. If she’s happier with places that include quiet-time spots, go there. And make sure the apparatus is suited for any physical handicap your child may have.

  4. Heed the Weather
    Opt for a playground that has some shade to protect from the sun’s rays. Do not allow your child to go on equipment that is too hot or slippery. Check the intensity of the heat by placing your hand on individual equipment. Assess for slick or icy spots and puddles after rain, snowfall or during a cold spell.  

  5. Supervise, supervise, supervise
    While your child will thrive in the ‘open’, ‘free’ playground space, don’t shirk your duties. The younger child will need you at his side constantly, but the older child requires consistent monitoring from somewhat of a distance. Take advantage of a provided bench with a good vantage point. Keep an eye out for strangers and watch out for your youngster without letup to ensure optimal safety. 

Playgrounds and associated equipment have come a long way since us adults were kids. The risks, however, remain - and to a certain degree, are even more daunting. As parents, it’s up to us to keep the radar up in doing all we can to keep fun-time, the safe-time it is meant to be.