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Hurricane Harvey Proves Rubber Mulch is Truly Weather Resistant

lawn after harvey


Hurricane Harvey has come and gone. In its destructive wake are millions of dollars worth of damages in affected areas - including uprooted trees, deroofed houses, submerged plantations, and even entire homes washed off from foundations. It is now considered the third most expensive tropical cyclone in US history.

And yet, as with all storm clouds we see a silver lining. Here at Rubber Mulch, we have always taken pride in the quality of our products. When we call our rubber mulch “weather resistant”, we mean it because it’s true.

During the past weeks we received calls from customers describing how their rubber mulch stayed put in their yard, even as the shingles were getting knocked off their roofs by the hurricane.

Below is an excerpt from one satisfied client’s call:

We bought 2 pallets of mulch from you earlier this year. We live in Texas and the eye of Harvey passed about 20 miles from our home. I knew for sure the mulch would be washed or blown away. Most of the mulch was just where it was before the storm. A few pieces made it out into the yard. I honestly can't believe that the mulch survived a category 4 hurricane. I'm very impressed. People are always asking about our mulch, and now I can tell them it survived Harvey.


Afterwards, they sent us photos with the following description:

“These are after Harvey. Two from immediately after and two from today. You

can see the shingles in the yard and even part of the neighbors’ fence in the

driveway. Mulch still intact.”

mulch pre hurricane harvey

mulch before hurricane harvey

In the aftermath of the storm.

mulch after harvey

mulch after harvey

At Rubber Mulch, we have always believed in making the practical and environmentally sound choice. As suppliers of some of the most durable groundcover for yards and playgrounds in the market today, we are proud and honored to keep the American home intact and safe, even during times of catastrophe.

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Alan Weiman
Alan Weiman