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Playtime is Safer with Blue Rubber Mulch

Blue Rubber Mulch

Playground Blue Rubber Mulch

Blue, being one of the three primary colors, has become a staple in children’s nurseries, playschools, jungle gyms, and playgrounds. Studies show that blue is one of the more accepted gender-neutral colors, which means both girls and boys will enjoy playing in an area with this hue as backdrop. Fortunately, Blue Playsafer Rubber Mulch exists to provide more than just an awesome color for your children’s recreational time.

Stays put in storms, sleet, and snow

In winter, spring, summer, or autumn, you can count on Playsafer products to stay put. No matter the conditions outdoors, this best-selling rubber mulch will be consistently weather-friendly. It won’t blow away during a storm, decompose in hot temperature, nor freeze in wintry climate.  


Playsafer Blue Rubber Mulch

Moisture-proof, bug-proof, dirt-proof, slip-proof

It’s also rain-proof, so you won’t have to worry about your kids slipping and sliding over the rubber mulch while they’re at play. Also, unlike organic mulching materials, it’s resistant to bugs and other pests. There will be no ant hills to trip over, or termite colonies to fret about. Maintenance is also hassle-free: just the occasional raking and going over with a leaf blower will keep the playground surface pristine.

Calming, soothing hue

As blue as the ocean and the sky can get on a bright, sunny day, this primary color will prove attractive to children of all shapes, age, and sizes. Color psychology suggests that this cool hue has a calming and soothing effect on the body and mind. Blue Playsafer rubber mulch will complement most playground equipment. It would go especially well with the other primary rubber mulch colors, red and yellow.

ASTM F-3012 Certified

IPEMA astm playground safety certificate          ipema astm f3012

When it comes to playground safety, there’s nothing to feel blue about this particular rubber mulch. Since it is ASTM F-3012 certified, you can rest assured that it meets updated safety standards for loose-fill rubber surfacing for playgrounds. The IPEMA issued Playsafer rubber mulch a certification for meeting these new standards, so that your children can play to their hearts’ content without you being concerned about health and accident risks.  


Alan Weiman
Alan Weiman