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Practical Everyday Uses for Rubber Mulch

Practical Everyday Uses for Rubber Mulch

August 19, 2019

Rubber mulch has already proven itself to be a formidable and versatile alternative surfacing material for a variety of applications. It is good for landscaping, athletic, gardening, and other outdoor ground cover purposes. Customers who have tried rubber mulch often sing its praises for keeping weeds, fungi, molds, algae, and pests at bay, as well as for its low maintenance and durable characteristics. 

But what about for everyday important applications that are not garden or ground cover-related? For instance, can rubber mulch be used for insulation and other practical purposes? Let’s take a closer look. 

Protects plant roots from fluctuating temperatures 

Let’s start with the obvious application: those for gardens and plants. The inherent insulating capacity of rubber makes it ideal to keep delicate plant roots from getting dehydrated during very hot conditions. On the flip side, you can rely on rubber mulch to insulate roots from becoming frozen and rotten during cold spells. An appropriate layer of rubber mulch in your garden can ensure that proper amounts of moisture and fertilizer are kept in the soil and absorbed by plant roots, rather than staying on its surface like traditional mulching materials are wont to do. 

Insulates rooms and walls

There are professional-grade room insulating materials, but rubber mulch can do the trick in a pinch. Rubber mulch pieces can be fitted inside of wall cavities to keep the temperature in certain rooms even, no matter what the season may be. 

Noise and sound insulation

They are pliable, malleable, and durable materials that are known to absorb shock and protect on impact, but did you know that they can also be used to soundproof certain areas of the home? Yes, rubber mulch makes for a surprising acoustic insulation alternative. They can help minimize noise where needed, as well as soundproof particular locations where recording, phone and video calls, and other important verbal and aural communications are conducted.

As a protective packaging material

Because they are soft, durable, and shock absorbent, rubber mulch nuggets can provide the kind of protection for fragile and valuable packages that no other packing materials could. Styrofoam nuggets can get expensive, and bubble wrap won’t ensure that nothing will break during transit and handling. Afterwards, leftover rubber mulch from the packaging can also be used for other practical applications, so there’s no waste and no need to throw out excess packing materials!

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