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Raise the Standards of Horse Arenas With Rubber Mulch

Raise the Standards of Horse Arenas With Rubber Mulch

September 16, 2019

Traditional horse arenas and boarding facilities are expected to have the usual features: a barn with stables, people knowledgeable in training, handling, and caring for horses, paddocks, maintenance equipment, feeding and water troughs, storage areas, and other pertinent details. How the training fields and facilities are built, however, is another issue altogether.

Some facilities also offer riding as part of their menu of services - including specialized care for horses that are in training. When a horse boarding facility has some sort of training field or riding arena, take a closer look at the kind of footing material they use. It could be made of sand, gravel, or a mixture of materials that offer uniformity. If you are truly curious, it won’t hurt to ask the manager or supervisor about it. 

A footing material that will not hold moisture

Understandably, some footing materials that are exposed outdoors will have more wear and tear during the changing of seasons and with the impact of horse hooves in training. Sand will compact over time, thus offering less traction. When rainwater and snow melts off other traditional materials like clay or silt, extra care has to be taken to be sure the areas won’t be slippery and cause injury to both horse and rider.

Rubber mulch is a brave new horse arena material that will not hold or lock in moisture at the surface. There will be no more worrying about molds or fungi developing on the surface and bringing all manners of disease with them. It drains moisture well, and the pieces are heavy enough so they won’t float even with a deluge. Additionally, they won’t give off dust during hot weather, so you won’t have to worry about your horse developing severe thrush and allergies, or getting colic.

Stable and cushioned to protect horse’s hooves and legs  

One of the usual health problems of horses include laminitis, which is when the lamina of the hoof is inflamed. This particular problem can be caused by several factors, including inactivity, obesity, and perhaps the most common reason - training on a hard, unyielding surface such as asphalt. If left unchecked, this can cause serious and irreparable damage and pain to a horse.

With rubber mulch as horse arena ground covering, you will reduce the impact on your horse’s hooves and legs. There will be no abrasion on the hoof walls, and the cushiony material provides better protection for far longer. 

And you won’t have to worry about the kind of stability rubber mulch provides whenever your horse is in training or simply exercising. Unlike sand that becomes dusty in hot weather and slippery in moist ones, you can rely on rubber mulch to provide secure footing for your horse come rain or come shine. It’s as simple and effective as that.