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rubber mulch landscape

Design Ideas with Red Rubber Mulch

July 06, 2016

Where to Use Red Rubber Mulch

Red Mulch Designs


The great thing about quality red rubber mulch is that it keeps its vibrant color for a long time. So while you are getting all the benefits of mulching from keeping all the nutrients in place to preventing frost, it can also be a creative way to landscape. Create your own backyard design, mix and match--the possibilities are endless.

Pop of Color

When used sparingly, red rubber mulch can highlight an important place in your garden. Draw attention to a tree that you holds some significance to you or a fire pit.

Mulch surrounding fire pit

Walkway Path                                   

If there is a yellow brick road, surely a red-mulch walkway path is as appealing and will add some flair to the footpath to your garden or to your doorstep.

Make Al Fresco Dining More Appealing

Studies show that red can help boost appetite. Add some brick red mulch underneath your outdoor dining set for a better dining experience.

Landscape Inclines

Mimic the red clay for inclines and declines. The rubber mulch will retain its red-brick color while preventing erosion from your garden.

Create Contrast with Greens

In the color wheel, red complements green. If you have an area of your garden with too much green, break it up with a bit of red mulch.Color Contrast

Brighten Light Colored Flowers

Let your white flowers stand out with red mulch. White roses, carnations or daisies will pop out and look brighter and more luscious.

Recreate Autumn Anytime of the Year

red rubber mulch

A mix of reds, yellows are browns are warm colors that help mimic the beautiful leaves of fall all year round. It can also be a good accompaniment to a cozy place in your garden like a nook or a place for a hammock

Rubber mulch is not only a sustainable means to keep your garden protected and your plants nourished. Let the designer in you thrive and get creative with some red rubber mulch.

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