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Rubber Mulch for A Solarium

Rubber Mulch for A Solarium

August 26, 2019

While it has recognized uses for both indoor and outdoor purposes, rubber mulch is fast becoming a preference among those who keep indoor “gardens” or solarium, as well. A solarium is often referred to as a sunroom because of the ample amount of sunlight allowed to filter in. As a result, many people also choose to grow plants in their own versions of a solarium. 

Gardens and plants, of course, need proper mulching. It’s easy enough to turn to traditional forms of mulch like straw, wood, or small stones, but they present special problems (as enumerated below). It’s a good thing that rubber mulch can be an alternative to organic mulches, with special benefits to boot.

It will keep away pests

Traditional organic mulches like pine, wood, or bark can be attractive to pests - particularly roaches. And who wants cockroaches anywhere in the vicinity of their home, especially indoors? Organic mulches tend to retain moisture. Unfortunately, pests love burrowing in dark, moist, and humid places - and which adjectives best describe a solarium with organic ground cover than being dark, moist, and humid?

Rubber mulch is not attractive to pests in any way - neither as shelter or source of food. This means you won’t have to worry about the kind of filth or disease that a roach infestation could possibly bring with it if you choose to stick with organic mulches. 

It will not break down and stink 

Indoor gardens that are mulched with wood, straw, pine, or other organic mulches are expected to break down. When this happens, expect a funny smell to linger in your solarium as the breaking down process involves gases being released in the air. In stark contrast, rubber mulch won’t rot because it is synthetic, and it won’t easily budge as you water and fertilize as you normally would. 

It will not pose a problem to other parts of your home

Aside from roaches and other bugs that could invade your pantry, closets, and cabinets, termites are another form of pest you will never want to see in your home. If you use wood or bark for mulching in your indoor garden, there’s a big chance that it will attract termites. This means the wooden parts of your house such as your floor, walls, furniture, and beams could be threatened by a potential termite infestation. With rubber mulch, you won’t have to worry about the foundations and fixtures of your home getting eaten up and destroyed even as your plants thrive and bloom indoors!

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