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Rubber Mulch for Sustainable Landscapes

Rubber Mulch for Sustainable Landscapes

March 17, 2020

Now more than ever, sustainability is a watchword that transcends lifestyles. From food to housing, through to gardening, leading a sustainable life has become the norm more than the exception. 

Rubber mulch has always been at the forefront of environmentally sustainable solutions to gardening and landscaping concerns. Instead of allowing landfills to be filled up with discarded rubber tires, the process which turns them into landscaping and gardening mulch and ground cover for playgrounds, parks, and other public places allows them to have a useful second life.

For landscaping purposes, there is more than one benefit with the utilization of rubber mulch. Aside from huge savings and participating in recycle culture, consider the following advantages for your next landscaping project.

Natural-looking aesthetics

Many might argue that natural is still the best. However, rubber mulch products come in natural-looking colors - from cocoa brown, black, red, and green - that complement leaves, flowers, soil, and other natural materials in your garden. A lot of users praise how bright and pretty their front and backyards look, thanks to the durable earth-tone beauty it brings to any home.

Virtually maintenance-free

You won’t have to worry about the seasons - from scorching hot to freezing cold - wreaking havoc on your rubber mulch-enhanced landscaping. The previously mentioned aesthetics will keep for at least a year because the colors will last, not fade. Rubber mulch does not freeze, crack, get tossed about easily in high winds, and generally will stay put where it was placed. And you won’t even have to worry about replacing your rubber mulch yearly because that’s how sturdy and durable it is.

Will keep weeds and pests away

How a garden and landscaping look, of course, depends on the behind-the-scenes scenario, too. A great-looking garden still has its fair share of weeds, molds, fungi, and critters like termites, ants, bugs, and mice to contend with. With rubber mulch, you can have better peace of mind because it’s made of a material that will not be palatable to these pests. They can’t be eaten, and they are not as attractive as materials for their shelter, too. 

The rubber nuggets form a barrier for water and nutrients to get through plant roots - but not for weed and spores. This means less time weeding, adding barriers, and other time and energy-consuming activities just to keep pests at bay.

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