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Rubber Mulch Protects Children

Rubber Mulch Protects Children

May 13, 2020

During these times of sheltering-in-place, our children need more protection than ever. Despite being within the seemingly safe and hygienic environment bordered by the four walls of your home, microscopic things and accidents could still harm them.

So how does rubber mulch figure in all of this? For starters, rubber mulch is an ideal ground cover for home playgrounds and play areas. Consider the following practical reasons.

Easier to clean using personal hygiene standards

You can control the level of sanitation and hygiene which public parks and playgrounds cannot assure you of. As previously mentioned in this blog, rubber mulch maintenance can be as easy yet thorough as using eco-friendly soap and water sprayed from a garden hose. Don’t worry - the colors won’t fade and the rubber nuggets won’t get loose even with water pressure.

Still the best material for playground surfacing

With cabin fever looming for those with young children, they can still enjoy outdoor play in your backyard without you having to worry about social distancing. Rubber mulch is still widely considered as the best for playground surfacing as far as cushioning falls and preventing injuries during playtime. So during the lockdown, let them play to their hearts’ content and you can sit back, relax, and watch them be kids (as they should be). 

Better protection from outdoor pests  

Before rubber mulch was invented, playing outdoors usually meant coming back inside with rashes from harmful weeds, mosquito (and other bugs) bites, allergic reactions, and different souvenirs from pests and garden lurkers. It’s the price we paid for enjoying nature, but it was annoying (and itchy!) for the most part. 

Today, rubber mulch play areas are protected from such things because there is nothing the material offers to pests that they will find attractive. Termites can’t use them for food, mice and other rodents can gnaw at them, weed can’t grow or spore on them, and other creatures won’t be able to use them as material for their shelter.


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