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dog running along a path

Is Rubber Mulch Safe For My Dogs?

January 23, 2019

Here at we are constantly asked, "Is rubber mulch safe for dogs?" In short, "Yes," but lets talk about this in depth for a minute.

Non Toxic:

We all know that Toxic weed killers and pesticides are can be harmful to pooches. Rubber mulch solves that problem by keeping away unwanted weeds and insects without the use of the weed killers.


Unlike wood mulch, rubber mulch doesn't absorb moisture, which makes it easy and simple to hose any urine or waste right off the mulch. 

Swallowing Mulch:

"Will dogs chew on the rubber mulch?" 

Whether you have rubber mulch or wood mulch, any dog will occasionally chew on the pieces. On the rare occasion that your pooch does swallow the mulch, its most likely to pass  through the digestive tract without any incident.  However, one should always keep an eye on their pooch to ensure complete safety. 

Dog Parks:

Rubber Mulch for Dog Runs and play areas is rapidly growing throughout the United States. Freedom Bark Park in Lowell, Indiana installed rubber mulch and won the 2009 "America's Best Dog Park" award given by Dog Fancy Magazine.


Rubber Mulch is a soft and cushion like surface which provides safety and comfort for our four legged friends. One thing to keep in mind when shopping around is to make sure you purchase rubber mulch that is steel free.

Playsafer Rubber Mulch is 99.9% steel free, so it won't cut or cause any discomfort for your pooches feet.