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Rubber Playground Tiles: An All-Weather Option?

Rubber Playground Tiles: An All-Weather Option?

June 13, 2019

For outdoor activities, especially ones involving young children, having the quality of truly being “all weather” is important. After all, all weather spells out safety, convenience, savings, and a lot of other benefits for users.


Plenty of rubber playground and gardening products tout this particular attribute today, so it’s difficult to believe which ones really offer the best choices. In line with this, let’s take a closer look at some of the qualities that truly make the rubber playground tiles an all-weather option.

Will prevent slipping and injuries

Like rubber mulch, outdoor rubber playground tiles won’t get moldy or slippery even in wet conditions. They provide proper traction and grip on soles. This makes them great ground covers for areas around swimming pools, ponds, and playgrounds because of their slip-resistant quality. Even excess moisture won’t make the areas slippery, thus preventing accidents and injuries while ensuring suitable impact-absorbing cushioning in case of falls.

Will not get dislodged

Durability is a key factor to having outdoor playground tiles that will last for at least a decade. In this light, it’s best to go for interlocking rubber playground tiles that will not dislodge no matter what kind of activity or weather condition happens. These rubber pieces are easy to install but will resist the kind of wear and tear associated with active play, high-traffic areas, and daily exposure to the elements.  

Easy to clean and maintain

Unlike organic ground covers and mulches that invite all kinds of pests, molds, weeds, and other unwanted things, a rubber playground tile will require very little maintenance. A simple hosing down on a regular basis would be enough to keep the playground tiles in pristine condition.   

Will keep their color no matter the season

Plenty of cheaper rubber playground tiles lose their color and vibrancy just after several changes of seasons. High quality ones will retain the original color, texture, and remain vibrant years after they are first installed. This means bigger savings because there is no need to keep replacing the tiles every year!