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Rubber Playground Tiles are Great for Daycare Centers

Rubber Playground Tiles are Great for Daycare Centers

July 08, 2019

Toddlers and small kids in daycare centers need a safe and comfortable flooring for just about any activity they do there. A lot of these children are just starting to test their psychomotor skills so they need all the safety features, supervision, and protection they could get to keep them moving with confidence. 

It’s a good thing rubber playground tiles exist to provide the kind of soft, non-slip surfacing that can help daycare habitues thrive. Below are some more benefits to installing rubber tiles as daycare center flooring.

Provides proper traction for small feet

With every tentative first step, wobbly walking attempts, and various coordination and dexterity skills, kids need proper traction to improve their psychomotor skills. Even in their bare feet, small children could slip on ceramic or linoleum tiles, as well as on hardwood, cement, or marble floors. On the other hand, rubber tiles can be counted on to provide the kind of friction that other traditional flooring simply can’t. 

Protects from slips, trips, and spills

Because of the inherent traction it provides, rubber tiles are practically slip-proof. Installing them would be like pre-empting accidents using interlocking rubber pieces. Even kids who are known to be more active than most of their peers can have better protection whenever they run around on rubber playground tiles.

Adequately cushions falls

Rubber tiles are shock-absorbent. Very small kids can be clumsy and ungainly. If and when a child falls, you can count on rubber playground tiles to adequately cushion them to prevent further injury.  

Easy to sanitize and maintain

A playground tile is much easier to keep clean, sanitize, and maintain compared to, say, a carpet-covered floor. Rubber has antibacterial and antifungal qualities so it doesn’t harbor bugs, mold, mildew, and only needs a bit of wiping down to keep it dust-free and clean.

Comes in attractive colors

Interlocking playground tiles come in a variety of fun, vibrant colors that can help very young children identify hues and color association. They can also help spark their imagination. For instance, an all-green flooring instantly recalls a forest floor. Bright blue rubber tiles can represent the sea. Rubber tiles basically put the “fun” in functional.