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Synthetic Turf, Drought, and the Modern Lawn

September 14, 2018

Worldwide news coverage has been calling this current heat wave we’re experiencing “the most severe drought in history”, with the Palmer Drought Index showing severe to extreme drought affecting 20 percent of the contiguous United States as of the end of May 2018. With the kind of widespread dry spell and shortage of rainwater we are experiencing, a lawn seems to be a frivolous thing to have right now. Watering with a garden house or having a sprinkler system is wasteful, extravagant, and potentially devastating, given the present situation.

There are ways to beautify your outdoors without contributing to water shortage, though. Rubber Mulch introduces the Synthetic Turf roll - a superb ground covering mimicking the look of real grass, minus the maintenance and upkeep. If you’re wondering about its other benefits, read on!

Looks like the real thing

With green and yellow thatch coloring matched with field and olive green yarn, it looks like you have a real lush field of grass right in your garden! Green is a color that has been proven to have a soothing, calming effect on the eyes and the mind, especially to those who work in front of a computer screen most of the time. Installing synthetic turf will keep you calm and relaxed, minus the worries of contributing to drought, water shortage, and other environment-related concerns.

Low maintenance

There will be no watering, no mowing, no resodding, or any other lawn-related maintenance involved once you’ve rolled out and installed the synthetic turf from the makers of Rubber Mulch. It’s a simple matter of getting the right dimensions for your needs, seaming and fastening the turf, adding sand infill, raking it, and enjoying your instant lawn!

Resilient and durable

Rubber Mulch is so confident with its Synthetic Turf products that there’s a 10-year warranty for each purchase! It’s made of PE Mono & PE thatch, with a primary backing of double PP and a second backing of PU. It’s about as durable as you can expect it to be, come rain or come shine!

Perfect for private and public grounds

Whether it’s for a park, a playground, a home or building’s front yard or lawn, or just about any place that requires landscaping, trust that synthetic turf will look good practically everywhere! This is why it’s a great thing that a lawn or a field doesn’t have to be absent from your outdoors, even with the drought and dry spell. You can just simply find ways to get around the problem of sustainability with smart solutions like this one.

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