The Pros of Bulk Rubber Mulch

March 28, 2017

bulk rubber mulch


Rubber mulch can be used for many projects, big or small. In other posts, we’ve discussed creative repurposing using leftover rubber mulch from bigger projects like landscaping and ground coverage. Perhaps the best pro of getting rubber mulch in bulk is teaching people the value and practicality of recycling. But are there other advantages to ordering bulk rubber mulch? Who stands to benefit most from ordering in big amounts?

For schools

 church at the gateway in Staten island


Preschool playgrounds require adult supervision, age-appropriate play equipment, and sufficient ground coverage for active children. Rubber mulch has been proven time and again to have the best shock absorption when it comes to falls from certain heights. It also doesn’t retain moisture so kids won’t slip or slide while running on it.  

Rubber mulch doesn’t need to be replaced annually because it requires very little maintenance and won’t degrade as fast as organic mulches. However, having a stock of rubber mulch on hand could add a layer of creativity and fun for playground activities. You can create geometric patterns like a checkerboard so kids can play life-size chess or checkers, or design whimsical patterns like waves in an ocean or flowers in a field to ignite kids’ imagination.    

For businesses

For many businesses, first impressions contribute to sealing the deal. In these times of climate change and the inevitable drought/flooding that goes with it, maintaining a manicured front lawn doesn’t really make a great first impression. It requires upkeep and maintenance, plus plenty of water that could be conserved for better use.

Using bulk rubber mulch for corporate landscaping is a more practical option. It doesn’t require that much maintenance, it won’t degrade in extreme weather conditions, and it is the product of recycling - a concept and lifestyle adapted by the most conscientious businesses. Companies can opt to spell out their company name or integrate their logo using colored rubber mulch, and it will serve as a great advertising for what the people behind it stand for.    

For parks departments

playground mulch


Public playgrounds make up a big part of a Parks and Rec department’s responsibility and jurisdiction. This means play areas, parks, landscaping for rest and recreational areas, etc. Since rubber mulch as playground surface has a high safety rating as far as impact and shock absorption go, it only makes sense to use it on public playgrounds. Admittedly, they cost more initially compared to other mulches, so buying in bulk is a practical move. And when playground rubber mulch needs to be replaced, they can be repurposed into landscaping or horse arena ground cover.  

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