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Rubber Tiles Buying Checklist

The Rubber Tiles Buying Checklist

August 05, 2019

Now that you have made up your mind about getting rubber tiles as flooring, it’s time to assess how to get the best kind. You will need to have a checklist of the qualities that make up a sturdy rubber product while making sure to get the most value for your money. To serve as a guide, here are some of the most important considerations when you’re ready to shop for playground rubber tiles. 

Project Requirements

Is it going to be for a playground - and will it be an indoor or outdoor playground? Or are you going to use outdoor rubber tiles on your patio, poolside area, or as an athletic area floor covering? The project requirements and specifications will depend on the application for rubber tiles and your budget for it. For instance, some rubber tiles are sold in custom quantities for specific area measurements and dimensions so you can compute just how much you need prior to ordering. 

Price Tag

Initially, rubber tiles can admittedly be more expensive than traditional ground covering, but the durability and ease of installation more than makeup for it. However, it’s good to determine which product gives you the best value for what you pay for. Do a comparative check of different kinds of rubber playground tiles and whether they come in preset quantities for a fixed price, or if the company offers an installment payment plan to help ease up on the expenses. 


Not all rubber tiles are created alike. Some are thick and springy, while others can be thin and brittle. Look for interlocking playground tiles that are at least two inches thick to ensure durability, proper fall cushioning, and other important safety and strength issues. 

Visual Appeal

You would want your rubber tiles to suit your personality, theme, and the purpose of the project you will undertake. Some people prefer green outdoor rubber tiles to match the shrubbery and foliage of their gardens, while others like a contrasting and bright color like red to highlight the area. Whatever your preference might be, it’s good to know if the product is covered by a warranty that ensures the tiles won’t fade, warp, get brittle, or lose its overall visual appeal in a short time.


Speaking of warranties, look for a product that offers at least two years’ worth. This spells out confidence on the part of the manufacturers that their rubber tiles are strong, water permeable, and have passed high safety standards. 

Durability and Safety

A single rubber tile can look deceptively light and require very little maintenance, but a durable one can weigh at least 15 lbs. This means it won’t budge, come rain or come shine. Also look for the kind of surface that offers superior traction so that it’s practically slip-proof, making it appropriate for both very young kids and elderly pedestrians (and everyone else in-between). 

Includes Accessories

A great rubber tile product will also throw in proper accessories and peripherals, including dowels and adhesive glue for an easier DIY installation. As a bonus, look for an installation guide that goes with the product, whether it’s an actual print-out, a pinned informative entry on the company’s website, or an instructional video. This is an added thoughtful and considerate gesture on the company’s part to ensure that your rubber tiles last longer and are properly installed to prevent injuries and mishaps.


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