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The Undeniable Curb Appeal of Rubber Mulch

The Undeniable Curb Appeal of Rubber Mulch

November 25, 2019

Why has rubber mulch become a welcome and much-anticipated investment among homeowners and park or playground developers? We have been touting its practical benefits in this blog for years, but there is another great reason for its popularity: curb appeal. 

Aesthetics might not be the primary reason for many to buy rubber mulch. However, there’s no denying the attractiveness it brings to landscapes, front yards, parks, playgrounds, and other locations where it’s installed. Below are just some of the reasons why they have proven irresistible to the eyes.

A clean visual appeal

Once poured and in place, there is something clean and uncluttered-looking about a rubber mulch garden or landscape. There will be no weeds, pesky insects, fungi, or mold growing on it. It will stay put and not spill over to other areas. It won’t get muddy or slippery but will remain in place despite the rain or wind.

Bright colors that last

You can opt to have rubber mulch in colors that reflect nature, such as greens or browns. Or you can let children’s imagination run wild with bright primary hues like blues and reds in any pattern that you think they will like. Whatever you choose, you can be certain that the colors will last for at least a decade - come rain or come shine - and will remain bright, vibrant, and pristine without needing annual replacement.

Flexible and durable material that’s suitable for a variety of designs

Trust rubber mulch to stay put even in high winds and torrential rains. Time and the changing of seasons have proven this among home and business owners who invested in rubber mulch for their gardens and landscaping endeavors. You can rest assured that the patterns and designs you have chosen for your rubber mulch ground cover project will not budge or get ruined by mud or slush in heavy storms.

Pest, mold, and weed-free

That rubber mulch works wonderfully well with plants - promoting their growth and protecting them from various elements - cannot be denied at this point. But if there is also something considered unsightly by home and garden enthusiasts, it would be the presence of weeds, pests, and various mold and fungi. 

Rubber mulch as ground cover eliminates these in one fell swoop because unlike traditional mulches like wood chips, straw, and others, it won’t be attractive to pests as food or shelter. It also acts as a barrier for weed spores and fungus growth, and since rubber mulch doesn’t retain water at the surface, you won’t have to worry about ugly mold growth in your yard. 


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