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Rubber mulch for plants

Why Is Mulch Important to Plants?

June 24, 2020

A lot of people will say that mulching is part and parcel of a garden. Others could deem it as a non-essential and merely ornamental - like frosting on a cake. 

However, expert gardeners and plant enthusiasts will never deny the importance of proper mulching for healthy plants. Below are just some of the best reasons to introduce mulching to your regular gardening process (if you haven’t already).

Proper insulation

Beyond being merely a ground cover, mulching provides a layer that will keep delicate plant roots from getting frozen, rotten, drying out, or other results of changing temperatures and weather conditions. Without mulch, plants are susceptible to stress due to fluctuating temperatures. Mulch acts like a blanket or umbrella, depending on the season. During summer, it keeps the soil cool. During winter, it prevents plants from freezing. 

Water retention

Moisture in proper amounts is vital to plants. Without mulch, water can evaporate quickly - especially during hot weather. That means adhering to a stricter schedule of watering every day. You can keep plant roots and other parts from drying out or rotting with the proper application of mulch. When it rains, you can rest assured that mulch will keep moisture where it belongs - in the soil and roots of plants, and not running off elsewhere.  

Weed prevention

Weeds and spores can wreak havoc on your garden faster than you think. Before you know it, weeding has taken over your gardening schedule. With mulch, you will be providing your plants with a barrier that not only prevents spores from landing on your soil but also discourage weeds from sprouting due to sunlight. In short, less weeding, more healthy growth.

Less garden maintenance

Overall, mulching saves you time, money, and effort that weeding, watering, fertilizing, and other non-mulching garden activities demand. You can sit back, relax, and watch your garden grow as it should - and revel in the aesthetic look of your evenly-mulched soil while you’re at it. 

So how does rubber mulch make a difference in your garden?

Given the pros listed above, why consider rubber mulch for your garden? Because rubber mulch offers even more benefits, that’s why. 

Regular mulching with traditional mulch materials will still present the problem of garden pests like slugs, mice, snails, ants, termites, and other creatures wreaking havoc on plants. Rubber mulch does not present anything palatable or attractive by way of shelter materials or food for these critters. As a gardener, that is one less thing to lose sleep over.

As for maintenance, you won’t have to stick to a rigid schedule of raking, patting down, and making sure everything is even and in place. Rubber mulch nuggets won’t budge even in windy and stormy conditions and will keep its color for years without needing to be replaced.


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