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older people taking a walk

Why Rubber Mulch Is Perfect For Elderly People

February 07, 2019

elderly going for a walk

Rubber mulch is suitable for many commercial and personal projects, such as with parks, playgrounds, and private residences. Its most common use is for ground cover in play areas to provide adequate protection from injuries. Color-treated rubber mulch can also lend an ornamental touch for gardening and landscaping purposes. Today, it is used extensively for athletic turfs and even horse arenas, as well.


Now, if rubber mulch is safe enough to be endorsed and actually be used in the White House playground, then it only makes sense to assume it is also safe and practical for old folks. Here are three reasons to back up this assumption.


Low maintenance gardening   


For the elderly who love gardening, there is a constant concern with taxing physical labor including raking, watering, weeding, and tilling the soil. Rubber mulch comes with many benefits to address these issues.


Since an adequate layer of rubber mulch can discourage bugs, weeds and unwanted seeds from germinating while allowing water to pass through, it offers a practical solution to many gardening concerns. Senior gardeners no longer have to spend hours under the hot sun attempting to control weeds and worrying about insects taking over their beloved plants. Rubber mulch has got them “covered”.


Slip-proof footpaths


Installing rubber mulch and tiles in an elderly’s yard can significantly reduce the incidence of slipping and falling. Rubber mulch allows water to pass through to the soil below where plant roots need them most. This keeps the surface slip-proof, giving old folks peace of mind and confidence that they won’t slip and twist their ankles while walking on the footpaths.  


Cushions falls


Remember the “critical fall height” constantly being mentioned in playground safety articles? The same applies to old people falling down. While they might not be climbing monkey bars or ladders leading to slides anymore, they can still hurt themselves if they slip and fall while walking.


The kind of protection that rubber mulch offers them includes shock absorption on impact. The springy material can cushion falls for both young and old people as long as there are at least six inches of rubber mulch installed as ground cover. In this regard, rubber mulch provides a practical and welcome addition to old people’s private homes and recreational centers.