24" Rubber Tree

24" Rubber Tree Ring

Give your tree beds a well-maintained look 365 days a year with a Rubberific tree ring. These 100% recycled rubber tree rings help to prevent erosion, compaction and fungal growth while conserving moisture. With weed fabric on one side, say goodbye to weeding around your trees for years to come.

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  • Maintenance-free landscaping
  • Takes only minutes to install
  • This product is designed with weed fabric to suppress weed growth
  • Made from 100% recycled rubber
  • Made in USA
  • Save time, money and the environment
  • Mow right over it
  • Landscaping has never been easier

Shape: Circle 

Material: Rubber 

Diameter: 24 inches 

Inner Diameter: 3.5 inches

Thickness: 0.5 inches

What is a 24" Rubber Tree Ring? 

A 24" Rubber Tree Ring is a circular landscaping product designed to surround the base of a tree. It's made from 100% recycled rubber, providing a maintenance-free solution to keeping your tree areas neat and weed-free.


How do I install the Rubber Tree Ring? 

Installation is simple and takes only minutes. Place the ring around the base of your tree and adjust it to fit snugly. There's no need for additional tools or professional help.


Is the tree ring adjustable to fit my tree? 

The 24" size is fixed, but the material can be cut to accommodate slight adjustments in size if needed.


Can weeds grow through the Rubber Tree Ring? 

No, the Rubber Tree Ring is designed with weed fabric that suppresses weed growth, helping to maintain a clean landscape around your tree.


What material is the Rubber Tree Ring made of? 

It's made from 100% recycled rubber, contributing to an eco-friendly environment and ensuring that the product is durable.


Where is the Rubber Tree Ring made?

The product is manufactured in the USA, supporting domestic industry and ensuring quality.


How does the Rubber Tree Ring save me time and money?

It saves time by eliminating the need for frequent weeding and mulch replenishment. It saves money by reducing the cost of landscaping materials and maintenance over time.


How is using the Rubber Tree Ring environmentally friendly?

Since the product is made from recycled materials, it reduces landfill waste. Also, by suppressing weed growth naturally, it reduces the need for chemical herbicides.


Can I mow over the Rubber Tree Ring? 

Yes, the ring is designed to withstand mowing, so you can mow right over it without removing it each time you mow.


Does the Rubber Tree Ring require any special care or maintenance?

No, the tree ring does not require any special care or maintenance. It's designed to be a maintenance-free landscaping solution.


How long will the Rubber Tree Ring last? 

While the lifespan of the product can vary depending on environmental conditions, the durable rubber material is designed to last for years.


Can I remove the Rubber Tree Ring if I need to change my landscaping?

Yes, the Rubber Tree Ring is easy to remove and reinstall, making changes to your landscaping a breeze.


Is the Rubber Tree Ring safe for my trees? 

Yes, it's safe for trees. The rubber material allows water and nutrients to pass through to the soil while protecting the tree base from trimmers and mowers.


Will the color of the Rubber Tree Ring fade over time?

All outdoor products are subject to some fading due to exposure to the sun and elements. However, the rubber material is robust against severe fading, ensuring that it maintains its appearance over time.


Can the Rubber Tree Ring be used for trees of all ages? 

Yes, the ring can be used for both young saplings and established trees, providing benefits at any stage of growth.

If you have further questions or need assistance with our product, please contact our customer service team for support.