36" Rubber Tree

36" Rubber Tree Ring

Give your tree beds a well-maintained look 365 days a year with a Rubberific tree ring. These 100% recycled rubber tree rings help to prevent erosion, compaction and fungal growth while conserving moisture. With weed fabric on one side, say goodbye to weeding around your trees for years to come.

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  • Maintenance-free landscaping
  • Takes only minutes to install
  • This product is designed with weed fabric to suppress weed growth
  • Made from 100% recycled rubber
  • Made in USA
  • Save time, money and the environment
  • Mow right over it
  • Landscaping has never been easier

Shape: Circle 

Material: Rubber 

Diameter: 36 inches 

Inner Diameter: 3.5 inches

Thickness: 0.5 inches

What is a Rubber Tree Ring?

A Rubber Tree Ring is a landscaping accessory that provides a clean, neat border around the base of a tree, creating a barrier that discourages weed growth and makes yard maintenance easier.


How do I install the Rubber Tree Ring?

Installation is simple and takes only minutes:

  1. Lay the ring around the base of the tree, making sure it's centered.
  2. Remove any weeds or grass within the ring's interior space.
  3. Secure the ring in place by gently pushing it into the soil to prevent movement.

What is the Rubber Tree Ring made of?

The 36" Rubber Tree Ring is made of 100% recycled rubber, which is durable and eco-friendly.


Can the Rubber Tree Ring be mowed over?

Yes, you can safely mow over the Rubber Tree Ring without removing it, making it a convenient and permanent fixture in your landscaping.


Does the Rubber Tree Ring prevent all weed growth?

The tree ring is designed with weed fabric that significantly suppresses weed growth by blocking sunlight and creating a barrier. However, some weeds can sometimes grow in any accumulated soil or mulch on top of the ring.


Is the Rubber Tree Ring safe for the environment?

Yes, the Rubber Tree Ring is made from recycled materials and helps reduce landscape maintenance, which in turn can save on water, fuel for mowing, and reduce the need for weed control chemicals.


Is the Rubber Tree Ring durable?

Yes, since it's made from recycled rubber, it's very durable and resistant to weather, rot, and pest damage.


How does the Rubber Tree Ring save time and money?

By reducing the need for regular weeding and allowing for easy mowing, the Rubber Tree Ring cuts down on the amount of time and money spent on yard maintenance.


Will the Rubber Tree Ring fit any size tree?

The 36" Rubber Tree Ring is ideal for trees with a similar or smaller diameter base. The flexible rubber may allow for some adjustment, but for larger trees, multiple rings might need to be used or adjusted to fit.


Can I use mulch with the Rubber Tree Ring?

Yes, you can add mulch on top of the ring if desired, although one of the benefits of the ring is to reduce the need for mulch.


Is the Rubber Tree Ring made in the USA?

Yes, the 36" Rubber Tree Ring is manufactured in the USA, supporting domestic production and ensuring quality.


Can I use the Rubber Tree Ring in my flower beds?

While designed for trees, the Rubber Tree Ring can be used in flower beds or around shrubs to create neat borders and suppress weed growth.


How can I get the Rubber Tree Ring?

The tree ring can be purchased at various home improvement stores, garden centers, or online. Make sure to buy from reputable retailers to ensure you receive a genuine product.