Landscape Fabric

Landscape Fabric

Total Rolls Needed
Include recommended 5% overage
  • Add 1 per pallet of mulch
  • Easy to install: just place on the ground over the soil, and pour rubber mulch on top
  • 3.5 o.z. commercial grade
  • Includes 40 staples 

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    • Add 1 Per Pallet Of Mulch
    • Easy to install: just place on the ground over the soil, and pour rubber mulch on top
    • 3.5 o.z. Commercial Grade
    • Covers 400 sq. ft.
    • Includes 40 6” sod staples for securing to the ground
    • Retards weed growth with a barrier between mulch and soil.
    • Allows water, air, herbicides, fertilizer and insecticide flow into the soil.
    • Lends insulation to root systems against sudden temperature changes.
    • Minimizes erosion and loss of mulch due to soil intrusion and is Chemically inert
    • Resists mildew, rotting and insect invasion.
    • Reduces plant bed maintenance,
    • Maintains moisture and cuts the need for watering
    • 3.5 o.z. Commercial Grade

    What is included with my purchase of landscape fabric?

    With each roll, you receive one landscape fabric measuring 4 feet by 100 feet, capable of covering 400 square feet, and 40 six-inch sod staples for securing the fabric to the ground.


    How do I install the landscape fabric?

    Installation is straightforward: roll the fabric out over the soil in the desired area, secure it with the provided sod staples, and then pour rubber mulch on top until the fabric is completely covered.


    What grade is the landscape fabric, and what does it mean?

    The landscape fabric is a commercial-grade material, specifically 3.5 oz. This indicates a durable quality that is suitable for commercial applications and robust enough for residential use as well.


    Can I use this landscape fabric on a slope to prevent erosion?

    Yes, the fabric is designed to minimize erosion and maintain the integrity of mulch on slopes as well as flat areas.


    Does the landscape fabric allow for the passage of nutrients and water?

    Yes, it is permeable to water, air, herbicides, fertilizer, and insecticides, which means essential nutrients and moisture can reach the soil while it still suppresses weed growth.


    Will this landscape fabric protect against temperature changes?

    The fabric provides insulation to root systems, protecting plants from sudden temperature fluctuations which can be harmful to plant health.


    How does this product retard weed growth?

    The fabric acts as a physical barrier to weeds, preventing them from reaching the surface by blocking sunlight and creating a shield over the soil.


    Is the fabric resistant to outdoor elements like mildew and insects?

    Yes, the landscape fabric is chemically inert, meaning it will not support the growth of mildew or rot, and it also resists invasion by insects.


    How does using landscape fabric reduce the need for maintenance?

    By suppressing weed growth, preserving soil moisture, and preventing mulch from mixing with the soil, landscape fabric reduces the need for frequent watering, weeding, and mulch replenishment.


    Is there any need for additional mulch or staples with a pallet of mulch?

    One roll of landscape fabric should be added per pallet of mulch to ensure adequate coverage. However, if your project is larger than the provided 400 square feet, additional rolls and staples may be needed.


    What is the purpose of the sod staples, and how do I use them?

    Sod staples are used to secure the landscape fabric to the ground to prevent it from moving due to wind or when mulch is applied. They should be spaced appropriately and pressed firmly into the soil to hold the fabric in place.


    Can I apply rubber mulch directly on top of the fabric without any preparation?

    Yes, once the fabric is secured with sod staples, rubber mulch can be applied directly on top. No additional preparation is necessary.


    Is it necessary to use chemicals with the landscape fabric?

    While the fabric allows for the passage of herbicides and other substances into the soil, the use of chemicals is not necessary but optional based on your gardening practices and needs.


    How often will I need to replace this landscape fabric?

    With proper installation and maintenance, the high-quality, commercial-grade fabric is long-lasting. However, the actual lifespan may vary based on environmental conditions and the type of mulch used.