Landscape Rubber Mulch

Landscape Rubber Mulch

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Please Note : Wood mulch and rubber mulch require different amounts of cubic footage. Typically, you need twice as much wood mulch as rubber mulch.
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  • 12 year color guarantee!
  • It will not blow away or wash away in storms
  • Reduces bug and rodent infestation and does not attract ants

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Description: Landscape rubber mulch is ideal for sustainable landscapes.  It does not decompose, compact, or require annual top-up during its lifetime.  

Benefits:  Reduces bug and rodent infestation and does not attract ants, non-staining and does not promote growth of mold.

Size: Size of nuggets is a mixture of 1/2"-5/8" rubber granules and chunks

Color: Landscape Rubber mulch comes in 6 vibrant color choices. Cocoa Brown, Terra Cotta Red, Green, Blue, Painted Black and Unpainted Black. Color doesn’t rub-off or bleed on to clothing.

Warranty:  Our Powerlock-ColorGuard formula keeps our rubber mulch looking new year after year. All landscape rubber mulch comes with a 12-year color warranty. 

Maintenance:  Our landscape rubber mulch requires no maintenance. It does not retain moisture, slippiness or dirt keeping it always dry even after the heaviest rain. It wont freeze, decompose or compress. It will not blow away or wash away in storms. 

Material: Made from 100% recycled rubber

Delivery: Delivery curbside on a pallet with "easy to handle" 40-pound bags

Made in the USA

  • Size of nuggets is a mixture of 1/2"-5/8" rubber granules and chunks
  • Made from 100% recycled rubber
  • Made in the USA
  • Exceeds CPSC guidelines
  • IPEMA certified
  • Meets ASTM F-1951, ASTM F-1292, ASTM F3012

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Playsafer Rubber Mulch Specs

How does blue rubber mulch improve the aesthetics of your landscape?

Blue rubber mulch can improve the aesthetics of your landscape in several ways:

  1. Eye-catching color: Blue rubber mulch provides an eye-catching color that can create a unique and striking appearance in your landscape. It can be especially effective in complementing blue or purple flowers or other elements in your landscape design.
  2. Neat appearance: Rubber mulch is typically uniform in size and shape, and it doesn't break down or decompose like organic mulches. This means that it will maintain its neat appearance for longer periods, without the need for regular replenishment.
  3. Low-maintenance: Because blue rubber mulch doesn't break down or decompose, it doesn't need to be replaced as frequently as organic mulches. This can save time and money in the long run, as well as help to maintain the appearance of your landscape.
  4. Weed suppression: Blue rubber mulch can also help suppress weed growth, which can detract from the overall appearance of your landscape. By providing a barrier between the soil and the air, rubber mulch can prevent weed seeds from germinating and growing.
  5. Safe for kids and pets: Blue rubber mulch is made from recycled tires and is non-toxic, making it a safer option for kids and pets who may come into contact with it

Is blue rubber mulch long-lasting?

Yes, blue rubber generally long-lasting compared to traditional organic mulches such as wood chips or bark. Rubber mulch is made from recycled tires and does not decompose like organic mulches. This means it does not have to be replaced as often and can provide a durable, low-maintenance ground cover for years to come.

However, the exact lifespan of blue rubber mulch will depend on various factors such as exposure to UV light, weather conditions, and how it is used. In general, rubber mulch is expected to last for many years and can provide a cost-effective solution for landscaping and playgrounds, as it does not have to be replenished as frequently as organic mulches.

It's important to note that while rubber mulch is long-lasting, it may eventually fade or lose its color over time, especially if exposed to UV light.


How do I calculate how much blue landscape rubber mulch is required?

Steps to calculate blue landscaping rubber mulch needs:

Choose the mulch area. Measure the length and width in feet and multiply them to get the square footage. The square footage of a 10x20-foot area is 200.

Choose your mulch depth. Landscape mulch should be 2–3 inches deep, but you can customize it. For 2 inches of mulch, divide the total depth by 12 to get 0.17 feet.

Mulch volume is area x depth. For instance, multiply 200 square feet by 0.17 feet to get 34 cubic feet.

Calculate mulch from volume. Landscape rubber mulch is usually sold by the cubic yard, so divide the entire volume by 27 (the number of cubic feet in a cubic yard) to get the number of cubic yards needed. If you need 1.26 cubic yards of mulch, divide 34 by 27.

To accommodate for uneven places and sinking, buy slightly more mulch than you calculated. It's preferable to have more than run out halfway through the endeavor.

These instructions will help you calculate how much blue landscaping rubber mulch you need.


To what extent does the use of rubber mulch threaten the health of the plants and the environment?

Rubber mulch is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material that may be utilized in landscaping projects.

Since the item is devoid of chemicals and does not contribute to pollution, it is perfectly acceptable for usage in and around plant life.


Do pests like flies or rats avoid rubber mulch?

Rubber mulch is a good option for use in landscaping because it does not attract pests like insects or rats and does not provide a food source for them.


How well does the rubber mulch withstand the passage of time without showing signs of wear and tear?

Rubber mulch can retain its outstanding looks for many years to come with just mild fading in appearance if it is properly managed.

This means that it will be cost-effective for you to landscape, and it will require a minimal amount of maintenance.