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Playsafer Elevate Tile 2''

Up To A 5’ Fall Height Protection
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  • 50/50 Color blend 
  • Each tile measures 19.75”x19.75” x 2" and covers up to 2.7 sq. ft.
  • Playsafer Elevate Tile is manufactured with 50% EPDM. EPDM is extra vibrant, durable, and has the longest lasting color of any other material.

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Description:  Playsafer Rubber Playground tiles offer a unitary surfacing solution featuring a 50/50 color blend, vibrant EPDM particulate that stays colorfast for years. The Rubber tiles provide a clean, seamless look that enhances the look of any playground. 

Color:  50% blend of black and your choice of Light Blue, Apple Green and Rustic Brown rubber playground tiles are manufactured with EPDM for an extra vibrant, brightly colored, durable, and long-lasting color with a Fade Free Guarantee.

Safety:  2” rubber thick tiles offer exceptional safety rating with unrivaled shock-absorption and underfoot comfort.  Even boxed underside delivers ample support to absorb bumps and falls while providing cushioned comfort and superior traction for running, jumping, adventure-seeking kids. 

Recommended Usage: UV-proof tiles with water-permeable elements endure harsh outdoor conditions, persistent rain, and beading sunlight while still delivering long-lasting color and years of usage; making it the preferred choice for parks, rec spaces, and personal playgrounds.

Maintenance: Playsafer rubber playground tiles are super simple to maintain: Just hose it off. 

Installation:  Apply a layer of glue on the lower half of the seam, insert dowels and press tiles tightly together. Seamless interconnected dowel system provides quick, easy installation and comes with dowels for precise fitting.  For installation over grass or dirt, a 3"- 4"crushed stone base is recommended. 


Size: Actual tile size:  19.75”x19.75” and covers up to 2.7 sq. ft. Each border/edge piece measures 20” x 5” x 2” H

Note: We recommend 5% overage.

Weight: Tile weight is 16 lbs and Edge weight is 4.75 lbs.

Fall Height: Over Concrete - 4' & over stone 5'

Material: Engineered from eco-friendly sustainable recycled rubber material.

Warrantee: 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

Included: Connecting dowels included in all orders

Glue: Adhesive glue included on orders over 400 lbs.

What is Playsafer Elevate Tile 2''?

Playsafer Elevate Tiles are rubber playground tiles designed for safety and durability. They feature a 50/50 color blend using EPDM, which is known for its vibrant color and long-lasting finish. The 2” tiles offer fall height protection up to 5 feet, providing excellent shock absorption and comfort.

What size are the Playsafer Elevate Tiles?

Each Playsafer Elevate Tile measures 20" x 20" x 2" and covers an area of approximately 2.7 square feet.

What colors are available for the Playsafer Elevate Tiles?

The available colors are a blend of black with your choice of Light Blue, Apple Green, or Rustic Brown.

How long do the colors last on the Playsafer Elevate Tile?

The tiles are made with 50% EPDM, which keeps colors vibrant and longer-lasting than many other materials. There is also a Fade Free Guarantee on the color.

What fall height protection do the different sizes of Playsafer Tiles offer?

  • 1” Tiles: Fall height protection is less than 2" tiles; exact rating should be checked from manufacturer specifications.
  • 2” Tiles: Up to a 5’ fall height protection.
  • 2.75” Tiles: Fall height protection is greater than 2" tiles; exact rating should be checked from manufacturer specifications.

Are Playsafer Elevate Tiles safe?

Yes, the 2” thickness offers an exceptional safety rating for fall height protection, shock-absorption, and underfoot comfort. The tiles are also designed with superior traction for safe play.


Where are Playsafer Elevate Tiles recommended to be used?

They are ideal for parks, recreational spaces, and personal playgrounds due to their durability, UV resistance, and water permeability.

How do you maintain Playsafer Elevate Tiles?


Maintenance is straightforward: simply hose down the tiles as needed to keep them clean.


How are Playsafer Elevate Tiles installed?

Installation involves applying glue to the seams, inserting dowels, and pressing the tiles together for a seamless finish. Dowels are provided for accurate fitting. When installing over grass or dirt, it's recommended to use a 3"-4" crushed stone base.


Can Playsafer Elevate Tiles withstand different weather conditions?

Yes, the tiles are UV-proof and water-permeable, making them suitable for various harsh outdoor conditions including persistent rain and beading sunlight.


What makes Playsafer Elevate Tiles unique?

The unique blend of safety, durability, easy maintenance, and a seamless look makes these tiles a top choice for playground surfacing. Plus, the vibrant color options can enhance the aesthetic of any play area.


Are the tiles eco-friendly?

While the FAQ does not provide specific information on eco-friendliness, EPDM is generally considered to be an environmentally responsible material for outdoor applications.

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