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Rubber Mulch is the Preferred Playground Surface


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Nearly 200,000 children in the US go to emergency rooms every year
due to falls onto the play surface at public playgrounds.
That's almost 1 every 3 minutes.

Don't let your kid be a statistic!
Surface your playground with rubber mulch to absorb and cushion dangerous falls.






Rubber Mulch Is Recommended by the Governments Consumer Product Safety Commission
as a Appropriate Playground Surfacing




Recommended Thickness and Use of Rubber Mulch

for Playgrounds 


The recommended thickness for rubber mulch is 3 inches for residential uses, and 6 inches for commercial purposes.

The thickness and distribution of the mulch are affected by these factors:

  • impacted fall/height ratio
  • higher protection offered
  • better distribution for a fuller look

It is therefore ideal to stick to the recommended thickness and not use less or more. Less than 5 inches of mulch for residential playgrounds means lowered protection from impact, and an uneven distribution can mean potential gaps in the cover. To determine the quantity of the mulch you will need, you can use our calculator to compute for the area size/square feet. 

 How Thick should mulch be

rubber mulch fall height

Rubber Mulch



  • Our product is made from recycled rubber that does not decompose, and will last forever. The color will last for up to 12 years and comes with a warranty.
  • In case the original color fades or lightens over time, we recommend freshening it up with a top coat for a bold new look.
  • Our product comes in a choice of unpainted or painted black. The unpainted rubber mulch has no coloring/dye and is a two-tone black and gray color. The painted version is colored/dyed to give it a solid black look.
  • You do not have to worry about the color/dye rubbing off and dirtying your clothes. We use only high-quality dyes that do not bleed, rub off, or leave any residue.


Wood VS Rubber




Mulch Size

We manufacture only nugget/chunk rubber mulch. Shredded rubber mulch is a different product.

The mulch pieces come in ½-⅝-inch chunks and nuggets.


Safety & Health


Our product poses no choking hazard. It is 100% safe for children and pets. The pieces are small enough to pass through their system in case they are accidentally swallowed.

You do not have to worry about the presence of steel or metal content in our rubber mulch. Our state of the art recycling process ensures virtually all steel content is removed (99.99%).


Preparing the Ground for Rubber Mulch

No site prep is required. Rubber mulch can be poured directly on top of dirt or grass.

For landscaping and gardening projects, we recommend using a filter fabric to help protect against weed growth.

For residential playground installation, the easiest and most effective way is to first lay the fabric, install the play set, and then pour the mulch after.


No major maintenance is required, other than occasional raking of the rubber mulch to keep it evenly distributed.

You can lightly use a leaf blower to clear fallen leaves.

Packaging &


Delivery is by appointment. We use a semi-trailer with a lift gate for deliveries.

Our mulch is packaged in 40-lb. easy-to-move bags on a pallet.


Other Products

We also offer rubber borders for your outdoor edging projects. Rubber edging offers a versatile look, is very durable, and like mulch, is safe and easy to use.

We have slide and swing wearmats in our product catalogue, as well. These help protect against dispersion of the mulch on high-impact areas.

For more information on our other products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Why You Should Go for Playsafer Rubber Mulch

We have been manufacturing our product for over 18 years.

We use the highest quality dyes and have the best process for ensuring all metal content is removed.

We have the best-looking product in the market.


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