Rubber Mulch for Florida



Much of the Florida landscape allows ideal gardening conditions, but it all depends on the season. From huge tracts of lands to small pocket gardens, knowing when to plant what (and where) will bring a good yield of produce, flowers, or a generally thriving foliage. Aside from that, it’s wise to invest in the right mulch to keep gardens from getting overrun with weeds and pests. 


Rubber mulch will do these, and then some. And yes, we deliver to Florida! 


Rubber Mulch proudly services and does bulk deliveries to the following Florida cities:


• Orlando     • Tampa     • Miami     • Jacksonville     • Spring Hill     • Ocala 

• Port St Lucie     • Cape Coral     • Tallahassee     • St Petersburg


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From 1996 RubberMulch has manufactured top quality rubber surfacing products for military, commercial and residential markets all over Florida. Pioneering the tire recycling industry, utilizes the most advanced technology and equipment to process scrap tires. All of our surfacing is manufactured on site, at our facility, which is monitored constantly to maintain the highest possible standard. When purchasing your surfacing at RubberMulch you receive the highest quality products for the most competitive prices. Add in superb service and solid reliability and RubberMulch holds the gold standard in the industry. All our products are proudly made in the USA.


Ideal plants (and when to plant them) Start summer plants like beans, cow peas, corn, squashes, pumpkins, cucumbers, watermelons, gourds and sunflowers indoors around May 7. Transplant seedlings out after the danger of frost is past. Frost-free growing season starts May 27 and ends Oct 11, totaling 137 days.