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Gardening in Ohio

Growing season (on average) Ideal plants (and when to plant them)
Frost-free growing season starts May 6 and ends Oct 1, totalling 148 days Beans can be directly sown outdoors by June 18 through July 18

Where Can I Use Rubber Mulch for Gardening in Ohio

Starting a garden in Ohio might just be a good idea. With 133 days of average rainfall, you’re sure that your future plants will get enough moisture.  The state falls in zone 6A of the hardiness zone map. A zone is determined by the average annual extreme minimum temperature recorded. It gives gardeners an idea on which plants are highly likely to thrive in the area and what kind of winter to expect.

Given those weather considerations, here are a few ways rubber mulching can benefit gardening in Ohio:

Avoid Frost and Trap Warmth

While Ohio has gotten warmer in the last decade, allowing more plants to thrive, it’s still a generally temperate area that makes it difficult for many warmth-loving plants to survive. Adding rubber mulch or wrapping plants in burlap can help protect plants in extreme cold.

Keep Soil in Portable Plants in Place

The state experiences a variety of weather every year. It deals with the occasional blizzard, tornado, severe thunderstorms and winter storms. For extreme weather such as these, moving your plants indoors allows you to control temperature and keep them away from harsh wind and precipitation. To avoid erosion, add some rubber mulch at the bottom of the pot to ensure it is well drained and some on top of the plant to keep soil from making a mess indoors.

Landscaping while Mulching

Ohio is not all winter and blizzards. After the cold season, you’ll find that Ohio has adequate sun and rain, making way for beautiful weather and a great time for your garden to grow and thrive .Add a pop of color with some red rubber mulch not just to help keep nutrients in place for your produce but also to add to the aesthetics of your garden.

When starting out, it is best to begin with seedlings until you are more acquainted with the climate, remembering that weather and precipitation may slightly vary depending on which area in Ohio you reside.