• Over 60 studies conducted over the past 20 years by government agencies and top universities have researched every possible hazard that could be potentially related to rubber mulch. The studies have unanimously concluded that recycled rubber is safe.

  • State and environmental agencies across the country continue to promote the use of rubber mulch and crumb rubber, despite the questions raised by detractors. Careful review of the factors involved and consultation with scientific experts continue to encourage officials to move ahead with the installation of new crumb rubber athletic fields.

  • The US Environmental Protection Agency has affirmed that airborne levels of particulate matter, metals, and volatile organic compounds associated with crumb rubber are within acceptable environmental tolerances, and are in fact comparable to other surfaces deemed uniformly safe (such as asphalt)

  • The highly publicized NBC News story that raised concerns about possible links to cancer is based purely upon speculation. No scientific data was culled or presented. Indeed, the article itself conceded that "there is no research directly linking recycled rubber exposure to cancer."

  • Recycled rubber has been proven to protect the lives and limbs of athletes to an extent unsurpassed by any other surface. Needs to be reworked to give it more prominence and contrast