Commercial Rubber Slide

Commercial Rubber Slide Mat

  • Dimensions: 36"x36"x1.5"
  • Each mat weighs 55 lbs.
  • Web bottom for superior traction and non-slip performance

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    Overview: Commercial Rubber Slide Mats

    Introducing our top-of-the-line commercial rubber slide mats, designed to provide exceptional safety and performance for your playground or recreational area. These heavy-duty mats are an essential addition to any high-traffic area, providing a non-slip surface and impact protection to keep children safe during playtime.


    Outstanding Features and Benefits


    Heavy-Duty Construction

    Each of our commercial rubber slide mats measures 36"x36"x1.5", offering substantial coverage for any playground or recreational area. These mats are made of 100% recycled rubber, making them an eco-friendly choice for your facility.

    Impressive Weight for Stability

    Our commercial rubber slide mats weigh 55 lbs. each, ensuring that they remain firmly in place during use. The substantial weight contributes to their overall stability, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.

    Superior Traction and Non-Slip Performance

    Our slide mats are designed with a unique web bottom that provides excellent traction and non-slip performance. This feature helps prevent children from slipping, offering a safer play environment and reducing the likelihood of accidents.

    Easy Maintenance

    These durable commercial slide mats are incredibly easy to maintain, requiring minimal upkeep to preserve their appearance and functionality. Simply hose them down or sweep them off as needed to keep them clean and in excellent condition.


    • Dimensions: 36"x36"x1.5"
    • Each mat weighs 55 lbs.
    • Web bottom for superior traction and non-slip performance
    • Made of 100% recycled rubber

    What is a commercial slide mat?

    A commercial slide mat is a large, heavy-duty mat designed to provide a safe and durable surface for playgrounds or recreational areas where children may slide or play. These mats offer additional protection and cushioning, minimizing the risk of injuries during playtime.


    What dimensions does this commercial slide mat have?

    This commercial slide mat's measurements are 36"x36"x1.5".


    How much does each mat weigh?

    Each mat weighs 55 pounds.


    What material is the mat's bottom composed of?

    The mat's bottom is composed of a web-like material that provides excellent traction and non-slip performance.


    Can I use this mat outdoors?

    Yes, our commercial rubber slide mats are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, providing exceptional performance and durability in various environments.


    What is the best way to clean this mat?

    To clean the mat, simply hose it down or sweep it off as needed. Avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning tools, as they may damage the mat's surface.


    How should I store this mat?

    To store the mat, roll it up and place it in a cool, dry area. Avoid exposing the mat to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, which may cause surface damage.


    What is the maintenance schedule for this mat?

    To maintain the life of the mat, it is recommended that it be cleaned regularly and inspected for signs of wear and tear. Any tears or punctures in the surface should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage.